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System Helper

System Helper is a site-advertising software tool that is regarded as potentially unwanted because it attaches itself to Mac browsers and starts controlling them. System Helper can be categorized as a browser hijacker add-on for Safari, Chrome, and other browsers that focuses on promoting websites through page redirects.

System Helper

System Helper on Mac

This explains why users who have this undesirable app inside their browsers tend to frequently experience sudden redirects to sites they’ve never had the intention of visiting. This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg when talking about hijacker symptoms. Other unpleasant things you may notice in your Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browser if System Helper is present in it are modifications to the homepage or to the search engine, as well as the addition of new buttons and tool to the toolbar that, instead of providing you with a better online experience, further help the hijacker advertise more effectively the sites that sponsor it.

System Helper for Mac

System Helper for Mac is the newest browser hijacker app for Mac computers that tries to force its ads and page redirects on the users’ browsers. System Helper for Mac takes control of the main browser, makes changes in its settings and then starts to advertise different sites.

The annoyance factor alone is enough for most people to quickly decide that they don’t want or need this app to be a part of their system. However, we also need to tell you about an even bigger reason for you to want to uninstall this hijacker ASAP.

Despite that they aren’t harmful apps in the majority of cases, hijackers like this one could still be potentially unsafe if left to their own devices. The problem here is that the many popups and banners may not be safe for your Mac. Some of them could be disguised links to harmful websites that distribute phishing malware, Ransomware, or Trojans. Of course, this is rarely the case and most hijackers aren’t associated with such websites. Nevertheless, the possibility is still real and you must not overlook it.

What is System Helper?

System Helper is a small potentially unwanted app that functions as part of the main browser on Mac computers and seeks to cause page redirects. The System Helper goal is to promote the sites it redirects users to and, by doing so, to generate advertising revenue.

All these redirects and generated ads that come from the hijacker are paid. What this means is each time you click on an ad or get automatically redirected to a site promoted by System Helper, the creators of this undesirable software earn income on the basis of Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View models. This makes hijackers quite profitable but, for end-users such as yourself, all that is left is the irritation and the potential dangers coming from the uncontrolled advertising.

The SystemHelper app

The SystemHelper app is a rogue add-on for Mac’s Safari that is able to flood the browser with different advertisements and redirects to questionable sites. The SystemHelper app must be uninstalled or else the ads it shows may threaten your computer’s safety.

Therefore, if you wish to protect your computer against potential malware attacks from viruses such as Trojans or file-encrypting Ransomware, it is best to remove the hijacker at the earliest opportunity. The removal guide we’ve provided here will allow you to quickly dispose of the unwanted software without the need to take your Mac to a specialist. 


Name System Helper
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove System Helper from Mac

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