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System Notes

System Notes is an add-on for different browsing programs that experts regard as rogue software because of its ability to hijack the browser. System Notes will take over the settings of your Mac browser and replace them with its own to show ads on your screen.

System Notes

System Notes on Mac

The adverts shown by this app will most likely generate money on a Pay-Per-Click basis meaning that each time you accidentally or deliberately click on an advert, this advert would generate a small amount of income for the people who have created the invasive browser add-on. Also, in order to further increase the revenue earned, this undesirable app may also get you page-redirected to different partnering sites that are in need of a traffic boost. The owners of those websites pay the creators of System Notes to have their sites advertised in such a way. The homepage and search engine of your Firefox, Chrome, or Safari are also likely to get altered by the activities of the unwanted software. This, too, is done with the purpose to get you redirected to different sites more frequently and to display more ads on your screen.

System Notes for Mac

System Notes for Mac is a rogue app that is defined as a browser hijacker because it installs in the main browser and takes over it. System Notes for Mac can introduce various changes to the browser in order to get you to click on its ads.

System Notes

The SystemNotes Virus prevents the properly start of the system and when it does, it incorrectly shows low battery .

As we have already pointed out, the more ads you click on, the higher the amount of money earned by the hijacker on your computer. This is also why you will likely see the ads everywhere on your screen while you are browsing, especially over the important parts of the page you are on. For instance, if you are watching a YouTube video, the ads will appear over said video, thus hiding it from your sight and forcing you to interact with the advert in some way so as to get it out of the way. Clicking on the adverts X/Close button, however, is not advisable – it will always count as a click on the ad itself which would, in turn, result in a redirect to some ad-heavy site. The main problem here is that the site you may get redirected to may not be safe – it may be a sham page with phishing elements in it or a page loaded with Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, or Ransomware.

What is System Notes?

System Notes is an unwanted app of the browser-redirecting type that will ceaselessly spam your Mac browser with redirects to ad-heavy sites until uninstalled. System Notes normally infects the browser after the user installs a file bundle that has the hijacker included in it.

If you want to keep hijackers off your Mac in the future, be sure to always check the advanced setup options in all software installers you are about to run.

The SystemNotes app

The SystemNotes app is a kind of browser-hijacking software known for its generation of paid ads and its unwanted page-redirects to promotional sites. The SystemNotes app typically doesnt give the user a straightforward uninstallation option but its still possible to safely remove it.

For example, if you closely follow the guide posted on this page, you should be able to remove this app quickly and without risk for your system.


Name System Notes
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove System Notes Virus from Mac

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.
You can find the removal guide here.


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