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Mobile Threats

Companied.club iPhone

Companied.club Companied.club is a rogue iPhone app capable of flooding your screen with aggressive pop-ups and causing making changes to the browser’s homepage and search engine. Companied.club is known for obtaining a wide range of...

Mobile Threats

Mothereve iPhone

Mothereve Mothereve is a browser-hijacking app for iPhone and iPad devices that will keep causing page redirects in your browser to unknown sites until removed. Mothereve will also put ads, pop-ups, and flashy banners on your screen in its attempts...

Mobile Threats

Amigatesa iPhone

Amigatesa Amigatesa is a rogue page-redirecting iOS app that seeks to boost the traffic of certain websites by forcefully redirecting users’ browsers to those sites. Amigatesa can also put obstructive pop-ups on the user’s screen and cause the...