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Amigatesa is a rogue page-redirecting iOS app that seeks to boost the traffic of certain websites by forcefully redirecting users’ browsers to those sites. Amigatesa can also put obstructive pop-ups on the user’s screen and cause the generation of misleading ads.


The Amigatesa iPhone Calendar Spam

In general, if you have such an app attached to your iPhone’s Safari or Chrome browser, you’d likely find it quite difficult to use the device normally as you’d be constantly getting obstructed by its invasive ads, pop-ups, banners, and page redirects. In addition, this app will likely change your browser homepage and/or the default search engine. For most users, this is enough reason to seek to immediately remove the aggressive advertising app from their devices.

Another important reason you should better uninstall Amigatesa, Critical Threat iPhone Message or Risbonese has to do with the potential danger of getting exposed to more harmful forms of malware such as Trojans or Ransomware viruses if the browser-hijacking app is permitted to stay on your device. Unfortunately, lots of browser hijackers like Amigatesa will not really limit the sites they promote only to ones that are safe and reliable. In other words, sometimes, a hijacker like this one may end up redirecting you to hazardous web locations where your device may get exposed to harmful viruses, phishing malware, and other threats that you’d certainly not want to come anywhere near your system.

Because of this, the best advice that we can give those of you with Amigatesa installed on their devices is to remove the intrusive app. We will even help you remove the hijacker by providing you with some uninstallation instructions in the following removal guide.


Name Amigatesa
Type Browser Hijacker

Remove Amigatesa iPhone Calendar Virus

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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