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Mothereve is a browser-hijacking app for iPhone and iPad devices that will keep causing page redirects in your browser to unknown sites until removed. Mothereve will also put ads, pop-ups, and flashy banners on your screen in its attempts to advertise different products and services.


The Mothereve Virus on iPhone Calendar

This type of app is not something uncommon – thousands of users land similar browser hijackers every day, oftentimes without even realizing it initially. Of course, it doesn’t take long before the symptoms associated with applications like Mothereve, Amigatesa, Critical Threat iPhone Message become apparent. Some of them we already mentioned: browser page redirects, sudden generation of pop-ups and banners, and other unpleasant disruptions while the infected iPhone is connected to the Internet. It is even possible for an app like Mothereve to cause certain changes in the Safari or Chrome browser of the device – the homepage of the browser may get replaced and the main browser search engine may get hijacked and forced to show a big number of advertised entries in the search results.

Seemingly, the main problem related to this app is the fact that it can be particularly frustrating to have in your system. However, there’s an even bigger issue and that is the potential security hazards you may get exposed to if you keep this hijacker in your system for long. Unfortunately, the ads, the pop-ups, and the page redirects may not always be linked to the safest of web locations and, in some instances, this may lead to getting exposed to dangerous viruses such as Trojans, Spyware, or Ransomware. If you want to prevent any potential virus infections indirectly caused by Mothereve, removing the hijacker is the way to go. Below, you will find some helpful removal instructions on how to uninstall this aggressive advertising app from your device.


Name Mothereve
Type Browser Hijacker

Remove Mothereve iPhone Calendar Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.

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