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Hoax.html.phish.zi Virus

Hoax.html.phish.zi If you have (or think you have) the Hoax.html.phish.zi virus on your computer, you must not waste any time. The longer Hoax.html.phish.zi stays on the machine, the greater the damage it may cause. Therefore, we strongly recommend...


Botnet Blacklist Avast Virus

*Source of claim SH can remove it. Botnet Blacklist Botnet Blacklist is a computer threat that can start malicious processes on the infected computer without the users’ knowledge or permission. Due to its stealth and versatility, Botnet...



Avlaunch.exe Avlaunch.exe is a core process of the Avast antivirus program. Users who use this security program can detect the Avlaunch.exe file in their system. The deactivation of this process and the removal of its related file may cause serious...