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Windows Virus

Charming Tab Virus

Charming Tab Charming Tab is a rogue browser hijacker extension that redirects users’ home pages to charming–tab.com without their consent. Charming Tab uses sponsored Bing search results to return its queries, which is completely safe...


295 Google Chrome extensions injecting ads

Recently, AdGuard, a company that provides ad-blocking solutions, has reported that a big number of Google Chrome extensions have been detected to hijack the Google and Bing search engines and to inject ads into them. Initially, AdGuard was...

Mac Virus

How to Remove Bing from Mac

  The bing redirect virus on Mac The Bing redirect virus on Mac is rogue software that hijacks the browser and causes automatic redirects to bing.com. The Bing redirect virus on Mac may also change the default homepage and the search engine of...

Mac Virus

Searchbaron Mac

  SearchBaron Searchbaron is categorized as a browser hijacker by security experts. Searchbaron is known to cause browser redirects and different pop-up advertisements in addition to security vulnerabilities. An exceptionally frustrating issue...