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Windows 10 Direct X bug causes Unexpected crashes

Microsoft has recently found a new bug causing Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) to fail while a user opens and shuts the screen of the laptop repeatedly. The bug has been documented on laptops operating any Windows 10 edition and optimized for 4K...


Critical bugs in GeoVision’s Fingerprint/Card Scanners

Critical bugs detected in GeoVision’s Fingerprint and Card Scanners. The Taiwanese supplier of IP cameras and video surveillance systems, GeoVision, has recently fixed three of its four main faults related to its card and fingerprint scanners. The...


Sony gives $50K to participants in its Bug Bounty program

PlayStation Bug Bounty Program Sony encourages everyone to find glitches on the PlayStation platform for cash bonuses of up to $50,000. The company has actually been running a bug bounty program operated privately by selected researchers from some...


Facebook Messenger Bug for Windows

Facebook Messenger Bug Reason Labs researchers, the cybersecurity threat research team of Reason Cybersecurity, have recently announced details of a vulnerability that they have found in Windows’ Facebook Messenger app. According to the...

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