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IcedID Trojan

IcedID IcedID is a malicious piece of code that seeks to sneak inside the system without being detected. IcedID is known as a Trojan horse and is kept accountable for online crimes such as data theft, money fraud and extortion, personal abuse, and...

Mac Virus

Emotet Mac

If you joined the number of victims who have found the Emotet Trojan Horse on their computer, this post and the removal guide below might be exactly what you are looking for. Emotet is a very stealthy Trojan-based virus and it’s very lucky...


Emotet Malware

One of the most devastating kinds of malware is the infamous Trojan horse type. Having such a virus on your PC can be a real pain in the neck, since it can cause all sorts of issues. Trojans are known as being extremely versatile and hackers can use...


TrickBot Malware

TrickBot The presence of TrickBot on your machine may be revealed by sudden system crashes or disturbing activity on your monitor, while you aren’t even doing anything. TrickBot may also spy on you and silently collect all your online and offline...