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Browser Hijacker


HideMeFast HideMeFast is a browser hijacking program that typically changes the settings of common browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox and begins spamming your screen with different pop-up ads and banners. HideMeFast can be found in almost...

Browser Hijacker

Capita Search

Capita Search Capita Search is a software app of the browser-targeting category known as browser hijackers that seeks to aggressively promote content on the user’s screen. Capita Search changes the settings of the predefined web search and redirects...

Browser Hijacker

Secured Search

Secured Search Secured Search is a junkware extension for Windows browsers like Chrome and Firefox that some researchers label as a browser-hijacking virus. Secured Search infects the main browser and begins to redirect it to certain sites with the...

Browser Hijacker

Auto Refresh Malware

The Auto Refresh Malware Auto Refresh Malware is an aggressive attachment for popular Windows browsers such as Firefox and Chrome that causes the browser to constantly redirect your online searches. Additionally, Auto Refresh Malware changes the...

Browser Hijacker

How to Remove Optimum Search

How to remove Optimum Search? To try and remove Optimum Search quickly you can try this: Go to your browser’s settings and select More Tools (or Add-ons, depending on your browser). Then go to the Extensions tab inside your browser. Look for and...

Mac Virus


  Searchit Security researchers have deemed Searchit a browser hijacker. The Searchit mac virus will alter your web browser so all searches will be displayed via the Searchit app. Searchit will redirect you to various search engines like Bing...