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Browser Hijacker

Exinariuminix.info Virus

Exinariuminix.info Generally, most Browser Hijacker programs like Exinariuminix.info are famous for their annoying nature and tendency to disturb your browsing experience by feeding all sorts of rage-inducing advertisements when you open your...

Windows Virus

Charming Tab Virus

Charming Tab Charming Tab is a rogue browser hijacker extension that redirects users’ home pages to charming–tab.com without their consent. Charming Tab uses sponsored Bing search results to return its queries, which is completely safe...

Browser Hijacker

Search Gamez Virus

Search Gamez Search Gamez is a problematic ad-displaying application that hijacks the browsers of Windows computers and uses them for site promotion. Search Gamez will cause your browser to redirect your searches to sites you don’t want to visit in...

Mac Virus

Feed Chunk App

Feed Chunk App Feed Chunk App is a Mac app classified as a browser hijacker. The Feed Chunk app will modify your designated search engine to feed.chunckapp.com. This change is the result of the Chunk App browser extension presence in your browser...

Browser Hijacker

Chrome Redirect Virus

Chrome Redirect Virus One of the latest additions to the list of browser hijackers is the Chrome Redirect virus. The Chrome Redirect virus target Google Chrome users and initiates page redirects to suspicious web locations. In addition, this program...