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SAntivirus Removal

SAntivirus SAntivirus is a security tool that some researchers regard as potentially unwanted due to its aggressive advertising methods and difficult uninstallation. SAntivirus is commonly found in file bundles with other software and tends to get...


How to Uninstall Segurazo Antivirus

Segurazo Segurazo is the security software manufacturer behind the Segurazo Antivirus product. Although Segurazo is technically a legitimate cybersecurity company, many other Antivirus vendors have labeled its practices as misleading and its...


Services and Controller app

Services and Controller app – High CPU Fix Services and Controller app is a legitimate Microsoft Windows process, but sometimes can be a target of a malicious attack and cause the process to increase the CPU usage of your PC.  This program is...


SAproduct Virus

SAproduct SAproduct is a type of harmful software program that has the ability to enter computers unnoticed and secretly initiate malicious processes. SAproduct uses different forms of disguise to attack its potential victims which is why it is...



Icsant Icsant is an online system threat that needs no permission to infiltrate your computer and start various harmful processes and tasks on it. Due to its use of stealth techniques and its versatile nature, Icsant is considered to be a Trojan...