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Rooe Virus

Rooe Rooe is a very dangerous file-encrypting ransomware virus. If Rooe is in your system, it must be removed as soon as possible before you undertake any steps towards recovering the files it has encrypted. Viruses of the ransomware type have been...


Msop Virus

Msop Msop is a new Ransomware virus variant that is aimed at encrypting the victim’s files without a warning. The Msop virus can attack regular web users, large corporations and institutions and demand a ransom from them in exchange for the...


Hets Virus

Hets The Hets Ransomware virus is a specific type of malware, specialized in encrypting digital data and keeping it hostage for a ransom. The Hets virus targets different types of data, including work-related and personal files, databases, archives...


Zobm Virus

Zobm Zobm is a cryptovirus aimed at blackmailing its victims for their money. To do this, Zobm renders the users’ files inaccessible through encryption and demands a ransom payment to provide a decryption key. What you need to know about such...