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Task Product

Task Product is a Mac web browser component that security experts recognize as a browser hijacker. Once inside your Mac, Task Product usually changes your Chrome, Firefox or Safari’s default search engine. In addition to that, it usually places a different homepage that reroutes to a specific domain.

Task Product

The Task Product Mac App Virus

Probably the most annoying activity of Task Product, however, is its ability to fill the Mac browser’s screen with hundreds of pop-up ads, banners and redirect links that redirect to various other websites.This is usually what makes users decide to remove the browser hijacker program from their system. And if you landed on this page because of the same, below this article you will find a detailed Task Product removal guide that can be used to fully uninstall the annoying program.

Task Product for Mac

Task Product for Mac is a browser hijacking program that can often be mistaken for a virus or malware. However, Task Product for Mac is a relatively harmless application designed only to advertise certain products and services and to redirect user searches to specific sponsored websites.

The good thing about Task Product is that this program cannot harm your Mac computer the way that a real virus or malware from the rank of Trojans and Ransomware can. A browser hijacker doesn’t corrupt your files and is unlikely to record your personal information or hack into your web camera. However, this type of software can still cause you disturbance in a number of ways. For instance, programs like Task Product are known to employ rather aggressive online advertising tactics. They tend to replace the web browser’s homepage with another homepage that redirects to a specific domain. Besides, they tend to install different ad-generating components, search engines, shortcut buttons and toolbars that lead to sponsored links. These changes can not only be quite irritating but also can compromise the web surfing safety and contribute to the exposure to real security hazards, including the above-mentioned Ransomware, Trojans and other viruses.

What is Task Product?

Task Product is a potentially unwanted software that “hijacks” the default settings of your browser without asking for approval. In order to increase the exposure of certain websites, Task Product will usually install some page-redirecting add-ons and components that ensure your web surfing sessions get filled with sponsored advertising materials.

The main issue with browser hijackers comes from the fact that the changes they impose cannot be easily removed or uninstalled from the affected browser. This is often the reason why a lot of web users will assume that they have been infected with a hard-to-remove virus. And while we have explained above that Task Product is not a harmful program, its activities can clearly be a source of irritation and browsing-related disturbance. Besides, the constant rerouting service of this software may accidentally expose you to unsafe websites that may contain abusive content.

The TaskProduct app

The TaskProduct app is an application that can be installed on a Mac computer along with some other free software. One of the most common ways for the TaskProduct app to become part of the system is through the so-called software bundling method.

The software bundling is a method that allows for one or more applications to be distributed and installed with a single installation manager. To have better control over such software bundles, we advise you to carefully read the EULA and use the advanced/custom installation settings.


Name Task Product
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Task Product Mac App

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