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Remove Tavanero Search Virus

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Browser Hijackers can be a real pain in the neck once they’ve gotten inside your PC. From intrusive adverts to certain unwanted changes to your browser that you did not agree upon, programs of that type can really frustrate you by messing with your internet settings. Tavanero Search is one of the newest browser hijackers and has recently been reported by numerous users. If you’re currently faced with annoying adverts and if it seems as if you’ve lost control over your browser, the chances are that this obstructive program has gotten inside your PC’s system. We know just how rage-inducing such software could be and therefore we have written this article to help those of you who are currently dealing with Tavanero Search or any other similar application. A detailed removal guide on how to get rid of the nagging piece of programming can be found below the main part of the article. However, we advise you to first acquaint yourself with some essential information concerning such unwanted and intrusive programs, so that you know exactly what you’re facing and how to avoid such problems in the future.

What is Tavanero?

A commonly asked question when it comes to browser hijackers is what their goal is. Well, as with most other unwanted software, the main idea behind programs such as Tavanero Search is profit for their developers and nothing else. Surely, most regular programs are developed to earn money for their creators; however, normal software gives the user some actual useful function. Browser hijackers, on the other hand, hardly ever have any actual usefulness for the customer. Intrusive programs of that type earn money by exploiting the pay-per-click scheme – the more clicks those ads get, the higher the revenue generated. This is also why the various pop-ups, box messages and banners tend to be so incredibly annoying. Another possible way via which Tavanero Search might earn money for its developers is by acquiring data from your browser concerning your recent searches and selling it to third parties, after using it to generate more customer-oriented adverts.

How dangerous are those programs?

Well, though they are, undoubtedly, extremely annoying, browser hijackers are usually not considered harmful to the users and their computer. Most programs of that type do not aim to compromise your computer’s security, corrupt your files or steal money from you. Such actions are typical for PC viruses such as Ransomware or Trojan Horses, but not for browser hijackers. Therefore, there’s likely no reason to worry even if Tavanero Search has gotten into your system. Just make sure that you uninstall and remove the program as soon as possible using our guide.

Certain security risks

As we already said, browser hijackers are not malicious viruses like the notorious Ransomware or the infamous Trojan Horses. However, they might still contain certain security threats that you should be aware of. For instance, as said earlier, Tavanero Search might attempt to spy on your browser – though this won’t usually bring any harm to you, it is still an invasion of your private space. Another important thing to note is that some of the adverts might serve as hyperlinks to illegal and potentially dangerous sites. Therefore, be careful with those adverts – do not click on them, no matter the circumstances! Additionally, a browser hijacker might slow down your PC’s productivity due to the high CPU and RAM consumption needed to support the intrusive adverts.

Keeping Tavanero Search away from your PC

This is probably the most important aspect of browser hijackers that you should be acquainted with: how they get installed onto your PC. Well, since no one would want such a program on their machine, Tavanero Search’s developers have found ways to get their product installed onto user’s computers via several methods that are generally referred to as stealth installation. You’re probably aware of some of them like the notorious spam e-mails or hidden direct-download links scattered throughout file-sharing and torrent sites. However, the most notable and effective of all those distribution methods is the file bundling. When a browser hijacker is bundled to some other program, it gets installed along with it if you use the regular/quick installation settings. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided – all you have to do is opt for the custom/advanced settings instead for the quick ones and you should be able to see and uncheck anything that you may not want being installed onto your PC (a browser hijacker, for instance).


Name Tavanero Search
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Tavanero Search Virus

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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  • I am running a windows 10 system. I rebooted my computer in safe mode 5 enter safe mode with networking as your safe mode instructions said. I am stuck on step 3 where I have to get into the properties for my network adapter. I can get into the properties window but all fields are blank and all buttons are grey/not clickable. As I’ve been working through the steps, I have often had to find another route to the windows you have popped up due to not being able to open my programs properly and not having Internet connection. Should I be taking my computer out of safe mode to access my network adapters properly?

    • Hi Tess,
      all the steps we provided are on Safe Mode. Did you manage to complete the whole guide?

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