Nvidia Announces Its Latest GPU – Titan V

Today Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, made a rather unexpected announcement regarding the release of Nvidia’s latest PC GPU named Titan V which comes with 12GB of HBM2 memory and 110 teraflops of computing power. This new GPU is set to outperform all of its predecessors (with the exception of Tesla V100). It was stated that Titan V will be “the most powerful PC GPU ever created” according to the words of Nvidia. Unlike previous GPUs created by the company, Titan will use a different architecture called Volta, which would replace the Pascal architecture – the one that has been used so far by Nvidia. The main focus and purpose of the new graphics processing unit will be to facilitate the work of scientists and researchers worldwide as well as the future development and testing of AI using a desktop computer.


In terms of performance, Titan V really has a lot to offer to users who really seek to push the boundaries of their machine’s capabilities. As we already mentioned in the beginning of this article, the latest Nvidia GPU comes with 110 teraflops of computing capacity. To give a general idea what that means, this is about an nine times increase of GPU power when compared to Titan V’s predecessors. According to Nvidia’s announcement, the processing unit holds 21.1 billion transistors due to the use of the new Volta architecture which allows for the overwhelming increase in computing power. In terms of HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory), Titan has to offer 12 GB of it. Despite the significant increase in compute capability, the Nvidia Titan V is said to retain the same power requirements according to its developers. However, though the GPU is promoted as a consumer-oriented, it must be said that its price is rather considerable. Titan V is sold for 2999 USD. In comparison, its predecessor, Titan XP, is sold for $1299. Still, though, as already mentioned, the latest video card by Nvidia will have nine times the power of the ones that came before it so the considerable price that it case shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Currently, a single customer could purchase a maximum of two Titan V GPUs.


Obviously, the main focus of Titan V isn’t gaming. Currently, the Volta engine is only used for high-end cards that will be used for more complicated tasks and advanced tasks. Currently, it is unknown when Volta might get used to create more attainable GPUs that will be more focused on gaming rather than scientific research and AI testing. Currently, cards such as GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti still remain highly-popular options for gaming GPUs (although GTX 1080 was released back in 2016). One possible prediction is that Volta architecture will be reserved only for high-end graphics card such as the Titan V for quite some time as the production of Volta cards is considerably more expensive than the production of Pascal-based GPUs.

If you are interested, here is a link through which you can visit the official overview of the new graphics card from Nvidia’s site.

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