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Total Search is a browser-redirect app that gets installed via file bundles and aims to automatically open different pages in the browser. Total Search makes certain changes in the browser that allow it to take control over it and to redirect your browsing without your consent.

Total Search

Total Search on Mac

The purpose of these redirects is to boost the view count of the sites promoted by the hijacker. At first glance, this activity may not seem like a huge problem for the users who have this app installed on their Macs. However, if the hijacker gets attached to your Safari, Firefox, or Chrome browser, you’ll quickly realize just how frustrating it can be to browse the Internet while this app is constantly trying to get you to visit the sites that sponsor it. In order to further facilitate its promoting activities, the hijacker will also introduce a new homepage and search engine addresses to the browser where it is installed. These new elements will allow it to be more effective at redirecting your online traffic and send your browser to the sites it is programmed to advertise. Needless to say, the longer this app is allowed to reside in your browser, the more irritating and difficult surfing the Internet would become. However, there’s no need to worry because there is an effective way of uninstalling this software and we will explain it to you in our removal guide on this page.

Total Search for Mac

Total Search for Mac is browser-hijacking software compatible with Mac browsers that hijacks the browser and modifies it without approval from the user. Total Search for Mac then goes on to task the affected browser with the automatic generation of ads and page redirects.

As we mentioned earlier, the main goal of this software is to gain more views and visits to certain sites, the owners of which have paid for this type of promotion of their sites. While this may not sound malicious, it is certainly undesirable to have an app in your computer that is basically using your screen as advertising space for some site you aren’t interested in visiting. Furthermore, you cannot know how or if the sites that are promoted in your browser are safe. What if some of them spread malware such as Trojans, viruses, and Ransomware? You certainly wouldn’t want to get redirected to such sites, which is yet another reason why removing the hijacker is the best option you have.

What is Total Search?

Total Search is a form of unwanted site-promoting software that tries to use the browsers of Mac users as tools for advertising certain websites. Total Search doesn’t improve the user’s online experience in any significant way and is mostly a waste of space and system resources.

What’s even worse about this app is you cannot trust its advertising materials as some of them could be linked to unreliable sites. This, in turn, makes it more likely to encounter viruses like Ransomware and Trojans if you have a hijacker in your browser.

The TotalSearch app

The TotalSearch app is a Mac app categorized as a browser hijacker because of its ability to take over the main browser of Mac computers. The TotalSearch app introduces modifications to the browser that the user hasn’t approved and then begins to spam them with page redirects.

Even if the goal of this app is technically not malicious, the fact that its actions may compromise your system’s security should be enough for you to decide to have the hijacker removed. If you need any help with the removal, look no further than the removal instructions compiled in the following guide.


Name Total Search
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Total Search Virus from Mac

You are dealing with a malware infection that can restore itself unless you remove its core files. We are sending you to another page with a removal guide that gets regularly updated. It covers in-depth instructions on how to:
1. Locate and scan malicious processes in your task manager.
2. Identify in your Control panel any programs installed with the malware, and how to remove them. Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker that gets installed with a lot of malware.
3. How to clean up and reset your browser to its original settings without the malware returning. You can find the removal guide here.

For mobile devices refer to these guides instead: Android, iPhone


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