Cyberattacks against the video game sector increasing

During the pandemic lockdowns, web application attacks on the worldwide video game business have risen by 340 percent.

Video Game Sector

Fifty-nine percent of all gaming sector attacks reported in 2020 have come through web application attack vectors, according to Akamai’s State of the internet/security study. SQL injection is one of the most common attack methods, which aims to steal login credentials and other private information such as usernames and passwords from players.

There is an increase in local file inclusion attacks, which are able to further compromise gaming servers and accounts by targeting sensitive information in apps and services. Cross-site scripting and remote file insertion are also preferred intrusion methods.

Cyber thieves are constantly looking for ways to exploit gamers who spend real money on virtual, in-game products such as skins, character improvements, and additional levels in mobile apps, which have been targeted by a wave of attacks.

Also included in the study is a case in which cybercriminals used a phishing kit to get player email addresses, passwords, login credentials, and geolocation data, which they then sold on the black market.

How can gamers stay safe when playing online?

Video game industry security is being challenged on a regular, if not hourly, basis by thieves who are looking for ways to get access to servers and reveal sensitive information. In addition, researchers are seeing a lot of group conversations on big social media networks dedicated to exchanging attack strategies and best practices. If gamers want to stay safe, they need to stick to some basic online gaming safety practices.

  • Protect your online gaming and store accounts.

In order to protect your financial and personal information when shopping and playing online, you’ll want to first use a password that is at least eight characters long. Also, whenever possible, players are advised to protect their accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA). Another common rule is not to use the same password you’ve used elsewhere on the internet. Also, do not give out your login information to anybody else, and don’t forget to log out after you’re done playing.

Security professionals also recommend avoiding entering your regular credit or debit card information while making an online purchase, and instead, consider utilizing prepaid credit cards or vouchers for extra security.

  • Stick to trusted internet gaming shops and platforms

If you’re going to purchase a game online, stick with well-known and recognized game vendors. This can help you stay away from being scammed or infected with viruses, spyware, or other forms of malware. Most devices have a variety of safe and reputable options you can go to. Sideloading is not recommended for Android users and sticking to what is available in Google play is the best advice for the gamer’s safety. Those who have an iPhone or iPad should download apps from the Apple App Store.

If you are playing on a Windows or a Mac machine, you may use their own app store as well as trusted online marketplaces like Steam, Uplay, MacGameStore GreenmanGaming Origin, and Humble Bundle to mention a few. Digital copies may be purchased and downloaded by console players via the web stores of the console manufacturers.

Professionals advise you to always conduct some research before making a purchase if you have any concerns about an online store’s reliability. Check out user reviews or seek guidance from popular gaming communities.

  • Avoid questionable downloads, mods, and links

Gamers eager to get their hands on the newest game releases are a common target for hackers since they typically don’t pay much attention to the reliability of the source or platform.

The newly published game Lost Ark, for instance, is fast gaining in popularity now and is a sought-after one among gamers. Many Mac users are wondering how to play Lost Ark on Mac because the game is only accessible on Windows 10 as of now. In many cases, people are seeking solutions that may not necessarily be legal or safe. A lot of hackers take advantage of this by offering “solutions” that are actually malware-laden scams. Fans of video games should be on the watch for this prevalent harmful practice, as it is used a lot with new game releases.

Those who are looking for alternatives to play games on their Mac machines are advised to avoid downloading software from fraudulent sites and non-reputable platforms, especially cheat modifications or applications that provide gaming solutions that have not been tested, as they may include spyware or malware.


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