How To Remove Web Explorer Browser

Web Explorer Browser

Web Explorer Browser is an application that operates like a browser hijacker and commonly annoys web users by displaying unwanted advertisements in their browser. Normally, Web Explorer Browser can attach itself to the system’s main web browser and change its homepage and search engine settings so that more sponsored ads can be displayed through them.

Web Explorer Browser

The Web Explorer Browser Virus will interfere with your browser.

It doesn’t make a big difference if you are using a popular web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or some other browsing app because Web Explorer Browser can hijack almost any browser, modify its settings and use it as a platform for ad generation. Usually, users will notice the browser hijacker immediately because it will start to disturb their regular web browsing activity with hundreds of sponsored ads, pop-up notifications, banners and on-screen messages that are hard to remove and cover the content of the pages they are visiting.

Yet another symptom of this invasive program is the change in the browser’s homepage URL and the default search engine. They may be replaced with some new ones that have not been approved by you. Their role is to constantly redirect you to specific domains and fill your screen with sponsored search results. Fortunately, Web Explorer Browser is not a virus or malware (such as Ransomware, Trojan, Spyware, etc.) that seeks to damage your computer. In fact, it is quite the opposite – this program claims to enhance your web browsing experience when you integrate it with your browser. In reality, however, Web Explorer Browser aims at promoting particular products, services, and their sponsored web pages in order to generate pay-per-click and pay-per-view income for its developers.

The Web Explorer Browser Virus

A lot of people, though, consider the Web Explorer Browser virus to be intrusive and irritating and seek to remove it from their system. Furthermore, the Web Explorer Browser virus usually does not give the users an option to reset, undo or uninstall the unauthorized browser modifications that it typically makes. Instead,

it literally imposes the newly set search engine, homepage and new tab settings on the users and forces them to deal with them. That’s why it is not surprising that most people choose to entirely uninstall the nagging program and permanently remove its components from their browser. Naturally, many of the browser modifications are intended to increase the amount of ads you see online because each click on them brings money to Web Explorer Browser’s creators. That’s why, for as long as this software runs on the computer, you are likely to get bombarded with hundreds of flashing notes, text messages, enticing deals, click-prompts and redirect links every time you open your browser.

For some people, seeing ads during their web browsing sessions may not be such a big problem but we feel obligated to warn you about the potential risks that you may encounter if you are careless about the colorful notifications that a program like Web Explorer Browser can flash on your screen. For one, you may be susceptible to various dubious offers and deals, fake links and bogus pop-ups that can trick you to not only download some unnecessary software or purchase some low-quality goods and services, but also to face web scams, viruses and other security threats. The notorious Trojans, Spyware and Ransomware viruses that are known to utilize the malvertising approach for their distribution across the Internet are just some of the online hazards that may await you. In this regard, we sincerely recommend that programs like Web Explorer Browser be kept away from the system and ideally should be uninstalled from your computer as soon as possible.


Name Web Explorer Browser
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

How To Remove Web Explorer Browser

You are dealing with a malware infection that can restore itself unless you remove its core files. We are sending you to another page with a removal guide that gets regularly updated. It covers in-depth instructions on how to:
1. Locate and scan malicious processes in your task manager.
2. Identify in your Control panel any programs installed with the malware, and how to remove them. Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker that gets installed with a lot of malware.
3. How to clean up and reset your browser to its original settings without the malware returning.
You can find the removal guide here.

For mobile devices refer to these guides instead: Android , iPhone

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