What To Look For In An Anti-Malware Program?

The Most important traits of any Anti-Malware program

The fierce competition mean many different features are advertised – some programs appear to be more endowed then others. But there also other very important factors to consider when choosing an anti-malware program!

  1. Real time protection and false-positives – this is the most important feature for this type of software almost every anti-malware program worth its salt will have it. Unfortunately, some are more draconian in their implementation then others. An overzealous anti-malware program can interfere with your work and ruin a perfectly legitimate program you have installed by deleting a file it considers suspicious. Finding the right balance is the key to success.
  2. Update and support – when a new malware is created it is usually able to spread like wildfire between affected computers, because the security program need to be updated before it can be effective against it. Frequent updates are among the most important things to look for. Good anti-malware programs also have efficient support, which when contacted can step in if the automated functionality of the program falters against a brand new virus released.
  3. Cost&efficiency – we all like free programs, but the grim reality is that unpaid work is simply not efficient enough to stop hackers quickly. All free solutions either lack real time protection or are severely lacking in it. They usually use the virus definitions released by major anti-malware companies (which comes with a delay) and are only good for removing the virus – an operation which can easily be done manually by the user as illustrated by our removal guides. But the best defense will always be prevention and most people have data on their computers that is worth much more than the $50 or so bucks they need to keep it safe.
  4. Usage of system resources – when choosing an anti-malware program consider how much the program itself will slow down your computer. Poorly written and un-optimized programs can be as much of a hindrance as an actual malware! Many programs are also bloated with features that the average user won’t even need.
  5. Ease of use – anti-malware software is needed more by people who are not computer experts than people who are. Keeping things simple and easy to use is what many companies aspire to achieve with the user interface of their products. Unfortunately, few actually manage to do it.

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