This page aims to help you remove These removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows. “ как удалить” is something that has been piling up in our inbox for the past few days.

Let’s imagine for a moment that a close friend of yours gives you, as a gift, a huge box full of chocolate candies. It has luxurious and pretty box and you are eager to open it and the anticipation grows because you don’t know what you’re going to get. Once you open it though you see that there are candies with different shapes and soon you discover that they also taste differently. Guess what? Getting a virus on your computer is the exact same thing! It’s hard to tell which one exactly has gotten installed and what consequences could have for your system and files. The only difference is that you won’t know where the virus came from (most likely), while the chocolate box came from a friend. is the type of virus that likes covers. It comes in many ways and under many names. Hackers, on the other side, are like spies: they know your internet browsing habits and are able to predict your moves within the cyber world. You know that they are there, but you rarely believe that they are watching you–yes, exactly you! They use every opportunity, however, to attack and “recruit you” in their world full of malicious cyber deals. Unfortunately, most people fall into their games because not many see as harmful and hurtful virus. This is a mistake!  Once has gotten into your computer, it will give hackers the opportunity to view your files, internet history, saved passwords, stored credit card information —  usually from sites like eBay, Amazon,etc. — social media accounts. They may use you as a tool to spread the virus to others — your contacts, for instance! Whatever they choose to do your only way out will be to use a highly qualified scanning software and take advantage of our removal guide, which will show you how to remove the step-by-step. Something you could do to prevent such invasion is to frequently, every three months or so, to change the passwords to your online banking and social media. It’s not a guarantee  against the malware, but it’s somewhat helpful.

Another thing you could do to protect your device and personal information is to use the same, mentioned above, highly qualified file scanning program to scan ALL attachments you get via e-mail or files you download off the internet. Especially the ones you get for FREE and/or unfamiliar websites. Why? Because often the virus comes as a bundle, between multiple files, and spreads the infection through most, if not all of them. This is known as software bundling! Playing with the downloadable settings on your computer would be helpful too as usually we tend to use the custom ones or the automated “one size fits all”, but this is a horrible idea. Best if you adjust them manually and select the boxes for files you WANT to have in your hard-drive. Prohibit the access of others! Again, if some unwanted file comes, remove it immediately!

Social media channels are so fun to use and have pretty much replaced regular live communication and emailing. On top of that businesses pay big money to advertise through them, but not all ads are real. Some could lead you to infected websites and will enter your computer from there. Others may have a pay-per-click setting where you may try to close it, but the more you click on it, the more pop-up ads will continue to appear, and simultaneously someone on the other side is making money via your clicks. There is also a pre-click revenue generating option, which is even worse! Simply, if you notice too many pop-up ads to get on your screen, turn to the removal guide!

Browser hijacking is another sign for presence of If you see random web sites or tabs opening up, then you’ve gotten Remove it immediately! Be especially careful when using Chrome as it is hacker’s #1 target because it’s the most used internet browser.


Name Tasksche.exe
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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