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This page aims to help you remove Xoclkrvstrafms.com. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

Xoclkrvstrafms.com is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) from the browser hijacker type that has recently been spreading over the Internet. There are many users who have already requested a guide to uninstall this program from their Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and other affected browsers. So, what exactly does Xoclkrvstrafms.com do after it invades your computer and why do so many people want to remove it? Well, it basically has the ability to install a new search engine, a homepage or some browser toolbar and redirect the users’ searches to different sites full of aggressive ads, pop-ups, banners and promotional messages. This program usually claims to be useful and to enhance the users’ browsing experience. However, in most of the cases, the users end up being irritated by its constant flow of advertisements and unexpected search redirects. As a typical browser hijacker, this program may modify the search results by adding hidden hyperlinks that may land you on third-party web pages full of aggressive ads that don’t want to go away. Simply put, this means that when you try to search for something online while a hijacker is integrated with your default browser, you may be required to visit web pages you did not intend to visit. How can you remove this program and save yourself from its potentially unwanted pop-ups and imposed changes is what we are going to tell you in the next lines, where a detailed removal guide will show you the exact steps to uninstall Xoclkrvstrafms.com page.

How does Xoclkrvstrafms.com penetrate the computer system without the user’s knowledge?

Xoclkrvstrafms.com is not among the most popular and trusted programs and many users are surprised to see that their homepage or search engine has been replaced with this one. What is more, most of the users, who contact our team, frequently ask us if this is a virus or some other type of nasty infection such as Ransomware or a Trojan. To your relief, we need to say that neither Xoclkrvstrafms.com, nor any other program from the browser hijacking type is as dangerous as a Ransomware infection or a Trojan-based virus, but if your browsing is hampered and you feel disturbed, uninstalling the potentially unwanted software may be a good solution.

This browser hijacker infects users’ computers silently, posing as a “recommended program,” along with other legitimate free programs. The software that contains additional applications is called “bundle” or “software package”. Be careful with such software packages, as they are mostly used to distribute potentially unwanted applications (adware, browser extensions or hijackers, add-ons, plug-ins). The key to protecting your computer from similar programs is to handle the correct installation of new programs. You must follow several important rules when installing the software:

  • Check out the web page that provides the download link for the software you want to download. Make sure it is legitimate and safe!
  • When downloading the program, install it carefully. Do not rush to complete the installation process by continuously pressing ‘Continue/ Agree’ and finally ‘Finish / Finalize.’
  • Read all phrases and study the Terms of Use. If you find the slightest hint of “promoting third-party software”, be very careful!
  • When you reach the phase in which the installation settings are selected, always choose the advanced / custom settings. These settings provide an additional window that offers a list of suggestions for installing free applications. Check out these suggestions.

Install new programs this way every time. Still, if the potentially unwanted program has already entered the system, go at the end of this article and follow the steps in the removal guide below.

What are the risks?

Generally, Xoclkrvstrafms.com does not represent a serious system threat and is not able to corrupt your files, destroy your system or involve you in some criminal activities like a typical virus. However, the web pages to which you may get redirected may belong to some compromised sites. While some of the ads, pop-ups, banners, and notifications that may get generated by Xoclkrvstrafms.com on your screen may be safe, others may be contaminated with a virus, Ransomware or some tricky Trojan horse infection. That’s why, to avoid the risk of accidentally infecting your computer, follow these tips:

  • Do not use the web search engine that has become the homepage of your browser without your permission.
  • Do not open suspicious pop-up ads or banners that are constantly appearing on your screen. The appearance of intrusive ads indicates that your computer is probably infected with a browser hijacker.
  • Remove all of the imposed changes and ads by simply uninstalling Xoclkrvstrafms.com from your system with the help of the removal guide below.


Name Xoclkrvstrafms.com
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Xoclkrvstrafms.com Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.

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