Attention You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Chrome

Recently, a lot of web users have been facing a very common browsing disturbance – they open their favorite browser (be it Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, etc.) and suddenly notice some strange changes in their homepage, search engine or toolbar, where some new and unfamiliar add-ons have been installed. Every attempt to start a new browsing session begins with a shower of online ads, pop-ups, and banners of different shapes and colors, and some strange page-redirecting activity makes sure that the user gets redirected to various unfamiliar sites. This, of course, results in a lot of irritation and inability of users to browse the web normally and no matter how much they try to remove or uninstall the newly imposed changes, the intrusive contents still appear the next time the browser is opened.

If you know what we are talking about and are already experiencing something similar, then most probably the information below will be of interest to you. In the next lines, we will discuss one particular application called Attention You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Chrome Pop-up which could be held responsible for the above-described browsing issues and is quite commonly encountered by a lot of web users. This application is classified as a browser hijacker and if you stay with us, you will learn how to safely remove it and keep your PC clean in the future.

What kind of application is Attention You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Chrome?

Attention You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Chrome is an application which serves the needs of the online advertising industry. It operates as a typical browser hijacker (software, specialized in aggressive online advertising) and tends to mess with your browser’s settings in an attempt to expose you to as many ads as possible. This application basically promotes certain web pages, browser extensions, search engine tools, toolbars, new applications and platforms, for which their developers pay to get them displayed on your screen. The hijacker may also attempt to redirect you to certain web locations which are sponsored and generate some income for its creators using the Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-View models.

The good news is that, these redirects and browser changes, despite being very irritating and intrusive, are typically not related to any actual malware (such as a Trojan horse or a Ransomware virus) or any illegal or criminal activities. They are simply advertising-oriented and do not typically seek to cause harm to your machine. Still, if you don’t want Attention You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Chrome to be a part of your system, you have all the right to remove all of its changes and have it uninstalled. In the Removal Guide below, we will show you how to do that step-by-step.

Sources of browser hijackers:

Page-redirecting applications which can hijack your browser are typically found in various web locations. They are commonly bundled with the installers of different free or attractive programs. So, basically, every free set of games, apps, software tools or browser add-ons may contain an application like Attention You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Chrome in its installer. Other possible sources could be different torrents, free download links, shareware or freeware pages, spam email messages with obscure attachments as well as various promotional websites which may try to advertise such software as “recommended” or useful. The good thing is that, since the browser hijackers are not really malicious, they cannot “infect” you the way that a Ransomware or a Trojan horse could. In order to become part of your system, such applications still need your permission to get installed on your computer.

Still, you need to be careful because most of these applications tend to trick the web users into allowing them into their computers by hiding themselves under the Advanced/Custom/Manual setup settings instead of the more commonly used Automatic/Quick setup. And since most people, when installing a software bundle, simply follow the usual Automatic/Quick setup option, they are typically not given the menu to opt-out of the added bundled features or components which usually opens up under the Advanced settings.

How to safely remove Attention You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Chrome and all of its components?

Getting rid of a browser hijacker like Attention You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Chrome is far easier than removing a real virus. However, the uninstallation process has its specifics and you need to carefully follow them if you want to eliminate the correct components without harming your system. For this reason, to help you with the process, we have posted a detailed set of instructions, neatly organized in an easy-to-use Removal Guide, which you can find below. For additional assistance, we recommend you use the professional Attention You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Chrome removal tool, which is available on this page, and scan your system for any other hidden potentially unwanted software.

Name Attention You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Chrome
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Attention You Are Using An Outdated Version Of Chrome Pop-up Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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