“Your chrome browser is infected with a virus”

This page aims to help you remove “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus”. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

Basically, being a victim of a browser hijacker called “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” means to have experienced and still experience some or all of the symptoms, discussed below:

  • As such a program normally affects only your browser apps, their default search engines and homepages may get substituted with some new ones, which are often strange or unfamiliar to you. Furthermore, no browser version is considered immune against the effects of “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” – neither Firefox, nor Explorer or Chrome.;
  • Actually, “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” is a representative of the Browser Hijacker Category, which makes it an impeccable marketing instrument. All this means that the production of many advertisements (banners, pop-ups, boxes) is one of its basic functions.;
  • One more very important component of the nature of “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” is its ability to redirect you to possibly strange webpages that you have never heard of once the program has infected your device.

After getting informed about its probable features, you could be thinking  “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” is a form of a malicious program.

Nonetheless, “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” has NEVER been classified as a member of any currently existing virus category:

As a normal browser hijacker, “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” might be considered a potentially unwanted program as it may have the ability to greatly irritate the victim users by displaying different in forms, shapes and sizes pop-up ads, or by substituting their top search engines, or by leading to suspicious web pages.

Surprising as it may sound; all of the functions above are not harmful and cannot identify “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” as a virus. Typically, the actual versions of malware perform something malicious or illegal like copying, trading with or exploiting some of your private credentials (account, banking details) to extort money from you or rob you in other ways. What’s more, malicious programs like Ransomware, for example, are used by their creators (hackers) for encoding some of your vital data, and after that- blackmailing you into paying for getting this data back. “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” CANNOT do anything even slightly similar to that because it is not malicious in any way.

If “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” cannot sneak into your computer, how do you catch it?

First of all, you should be aware of the distribution methods such programs use in order to fully understand the contamination process.

In fact, “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” can get spread inside plenty of potential sources: shareware webpages, torrents, video-streaming web sites, or contagious web pages. However, the distribution method which is normally exploited when we talk about browser hijackers is program bundling.

Through the process called program bundling developers make the aforementioned bundles – groups of programs, which get distributed together for free. Such mixes could include games, hijackers, Adware, etc.  

Still, the installation of such a bundle, not its download can lead to contamination. It is very important that you should learn to get any piece of software installed on your PC in the most efficient way.

Actually, many users tend to skip that part of incorporating any program into their systems. It is essential to always select the RIGHT installation feature, as by doing so you will minimize the risk of getting your computer contaminated with something, even Ransomware.

The proper option of the wizard that we advise you to always select goes with the following names: Advanced or Custom (sometimes Customized).  By choosing such a feature, you get to choose how to install a bundle and what exactly from it you need.

In this way you will still use the program you want, however,  you will not get annoyed by any browser changes or ads. The other installation possibilities must be avoided as they don’t give enough details about the content of any bundle – they are most often named ‘the Default’, ‘the Automatic’ or ‘the Quick’.

Why do such programs as “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” are created in the first place?

The programs known as hijackers are typically harmless and just serve the marketing industry. Their creators get paid to create software which can successfully advertise a product or a service, a search engine, or a particular web page. That’s why programs like “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” exist.

A safe way to get this hijacker removed:

In order to remove this program and stop being irritated by it, go to our Guide for Uninstalling “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus”. The steps there should help you do that.


Name “Your chrome browser is infected with a virus”
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Keep in mind, SpyHunter’s malware detection tool is free. To remove the infection, you’ll need to purchase the full version. More information about SpyHunter and steps to uninstall.

“Your chrome browser is infected with a virus” Removal

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