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Nowadays, there are a lot of different utility software programs out there that are promoted as useful and helpful due to their ability to ease-up your work on the computer, to improve the security of your system, to make your online experience more optimized or to provide you with some other beneficial feature that you might want to make use of. However, a note must be made here that different programs have different levels of functionality and not all of them are as useful as they might be advertised to be. In today’s article, we will give you some information regarding Advanced Password Manager, a utility application that may users and researchers have actually categorized as a PUP (potentially unwanted program). In the lines below, we will cover the characteristics of this software and the reasons why many people actually consider it undesirable so that hopefully, by the end of this post, you’d be able to decide for yourself whether or not this is a program that you’d like to have on your computer.

What is Advanced Password Manager?

Advanced Password Manager is a software utility that allows the user to create a master key (password) and then connect all their online accounts to that passwords. The idea behind this is that if the user has a lot of accounts with a lot of different passwords (an advisable security precaution when you have a lot of accounts), they wouldn’t need to remember each and every single pass as long as it’s connected to the master key. In that case, as long as they remember the master key, they’d be able to access each of their other accounts that have been linked to it. This is the basis of most password managers and Advanced Password Manager PUP is no exception.


Free programs are cool, right? It is always nice to get something useful without paying anything for it. However, the issue here is that free isn’t always really…free. This is, in fact, the case with many supposedly free programs out there and, in a way, this is also the situation with Advanced Password Manager. While it isn’t anywhere stated that this is a free software, it is still possible to download it and install it and even partially use it without paying anything but how much functionality is there really if you do not buy the license for the full software? It turns out – pretty little. As stated in the official site, the free version of the application only offers a scanning function – when used, the program scans your PC for “identity traces” that are in danger of getting stolen. Apparently, Advanced Password Manager (paid) also offers a feature that cleans such traces so that your virtual privacy is better secured. With only the free version, the scanner function would examine your system and find potential traces and then prompt you to buy the full version so that you can clean them. The thing here is that no one can really tell you just how much of a vulnerability those traces are and how important their removal really is. For instance, the danger level might actually be quite negligible, yet the tool would still urge you to purchase its license so that it could clean whatever it has detected. This can even be considered a way of marketing and promoting the full version of the tool which is rather common with such freeware but not really freeware programs. Aside from that, as you have probably already noticed, none of this has anything to do with any form of password management. Of course, buying the program would give you the opportunity to link your accounts to the master key but you can’t do anything related to your passwords with only the free version.


It is really common with PUPs to be distributed via bundles – the application gets added to some other program’s installer and gets installed alongside it if the Quick/Default installation configuration is used. This is one more reason why people dislike such programs – because it is possible that they could get installed inside one’s PC without the user’s knowledge or informed consent. That said, it’s actually fairly easy to avoid installing software added to bundles – simply go for the Custom/User/Advanced installation settings where you’d be able to choose what to leave out of the installation and uncheck anything that seems unneeded, questionable or unwanted.

Is Advanced Password Manager bad for you

Advanced Password Manager is no virus and, in fact, many users might find its paid version useful and functional. The main reasons some consider this program to be a PUP were already mentioned above. It isn’t that the tool is harmful or problematic, it’s just that it’s free version might get inside your PC without you really wanting it and that it doesn’t really benefit you in any actual way unless you decide to purchase it. With all that said, our advice for you is to remove the free version of the program as it doesn’t really do all that much to help you, unless, of course, you are planning to buy the license in which case you’d have access to the full functionality of the tool. If you need removal instructions on how to get rid of this software, scroll down to our removal guide for the program.


Name Advanced Password Manager
Type PUP
Detection Tool

Advanced Password Manager Removal

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