Byya Virus

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*Byya is a variant of Stop/DJVU. Source of claim SH can remove it.


Byya is what security experts refer to as ransomware. If Byya has infected your computer, it has encrypted most of your valuable files.

The Byya ransomware will leave a _readme.txt file with instructions

On this page, we will explain exactly how this malware operates and what you need to know about it. Furthermore, we have included a detailed removal guide that will show you how to locate and remove this virus from your computer. But please be aware that the process involves dealing with system files and requires great caution on the user’s side. If you don’t feel confident enough to handle the removal yourself and don’t want to risk deleting vital system files, you can also make use of our professional ransomware removal tool as well.

Byya is one of the millions of ransomware variants like Xcvf, Bbnm that have been plaguing the internet in recent years. With their help, hackers have been making obscene amounts of money by blackmailing unsuspecting users. If you’ve been surprised by the ransom notification on your screen, then you already have an idea of how this extortion scheme works. The virus infiltrates your computer, silently encrypts the files on it and then proceeds to tell you that you can regain access to them after transferring a certain amount of bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. Thanks to the use of cryptocurrencies actually ransomware has been able to gain such momentum – it ensures that the criminals behind these malware applications remain anonymous and cannot be brought to justice by the respective authorities.

The Byya virus

The Byya virus is a very tricky one to handle. Malware like the Byya virus is among the most dangerous kinds that you can encounter.

Byya Virus 1024x672
The Byya virus will encrypt your files

The encryption process does not trigger most antivirus programs out there and that’s why ransomware can operate under the nose of even the best antimalware software. In addition, it typically has no other symptoms that would alert users of its presence. On very rare occasions you might be able to spot the virus as a process that’s using the most system resources in your Task Manager. However, this is a highly unlikely scenario that almost never happens.

What also makes this type of viruses so harmful is the fact that the encryption may seal your files forever. And even if you do receive a decryption key from the hackers in order to unlock them, there’s no guarantee that it will work seamlessly. So, you should still be aware of the risk that you might never be able to access your files again.

The .Byya file distribution

The .Byya file distribution methods vary, but typically have to do with spam messages. You can download the .Byya file from an infected file attachment or as a drive-by download from a contaminated link.

That’s why it’s highly important that you are very mindful of your browsing habits and always critically assess any incoming email or other correspondence before interacting with it. If you have reason to believe that some piece of content may not be safe – then you’re probably better off avoiding it altogether.


Danger LevelHigh (Ransomware is by far the worst threat you can encounter)
Data Recovery ToolNot Available
Detection Tool

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*Byya is a variant of Stop/DJVU. Source of claim SH can remove it.

Remove Byya Ransomware


For future reference, please save the removal instructions in this guide as a bookmark in your browser. In this way, there will be no need to search for the uninstallation guide after each system reboot that may be required. And speaking about reboots, restarting the system in Safe Mode will ensure that only the most important processes and applications are running, making it much easier to spot anything that is malicious.



*Byya is a variant of Stop/DJVU. Source of claim SH can remove it.

Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC on your keyboard to open the Task Manager. Any processes running in the background, regardless of their association with a particular program, may be viewed by choosing the Process tab. Once you get there, look for any processes with unusually high resource usage. Right-click on a suspicious process and choose Open File Location from the option that appears.


Next, use the free virus scanner below to scan the files of that process for malware.

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    After that, delete any files that the scanner identified as dangerous. The right-click option can be used to first stop the suspicious process running in the task manager before deleting its files.


    The Hosts file on a computer can also be modified in the case of a system intrusion. As a result, you should look for any malicious IP addresses in the file’s “Localhost” section. Simply hold down the Windows key and R key together and type the following command in the Run box to open your Hosts file:

    notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

    Hit Enter and if you see any strange IP addresses under Localhost, please let us know by leaving a comment below this removal guide. If we determine that the IP addresses you’ve posted are harmful, we will reply to you.

    hosts_opt (1)

    Next, type “msconfig” in the Windows search bar and hit Enter. When you do this, the System Configuration window will appear. Select the startup tab and check for Byya startup items. If you spot any, remove their checkmark and click OK. 


    *Byya is a variant of Stop/DJVU. Source of claim SH can remove it.

    In order to avoid detection, an increasing number of malware programs stealthily install dangerous registry entries. For this reason, it is a good idea to examine your registry for Byya-related harmful files using the Registry Editor, and then delete them. Using the Windows search bar, type “Regedit” in it and hit Enter. The Registry Editor will open on the screen. To search for files that may have been added by the ransomware, use the CTRL and F key combination. To begin the search, type the name of the danger in the Find box and then click on the Find Next button.

    Clear your system of ransomware-related items by deleting them. Once the first results have been deleted, the registry may be searched for more files with the same name as many times as necessary.

    Attention! Please note that other files on your registry may be mistakenly erased when attempting to manually clean the registry from the ransomware. Therefore, using an anti-virus tool is the safer method, since it eliminates potentially hazardous software and malicious registry entries from your computer without deleting essential files.

    Once you are sure that the registry is clean, we also recommend checking for Byya in the following locations. Using Windows’ search bar, type each of these and hit Enter:

    1. %AppData%
    2. %LocalAppData%
    3. %ProgramData%
    4. %WinDir%
    5. %Temp%

    Any dubious files found in these places should be carefully deleted. Pressing CTRL and A together and then deleting all the temporary files in your Temp directory is also recommended.


    How to Decrypt Byya files

    Recovering data that was encrypted by ransomware may be a difficult task, especially for non-professionals. There are a variety of ransomware variants out there, thus the methods used to decrypt the files may vary. You may detect which ransomware variant has been used to attack you by looking at the file extensions that are attached to the encrypted data.

    It’s best to use a professional virus removal application to completely check your system for any malware traces before trying to restore any data (like the one on this page). Once you’ve conducted virus and ransomware scans, and they have found no threats on the system, you may experiment with alternative file recovery methods.

    New Djvu Ransomware

    STOP Djvu is a new variant of the Djvu ransomware that has been reported by security experts. Encrypted files with the .Byya suffix attached to them give this threat away. Although it may be challenging, you may be able to retrieve data that has been encrypted by this ransomware using an offline decryptor, such the one accessible at:

    After downloading STOPDjvu.exe from the URL above, select “Run as Administrator” to open it. Next, review the license agreement and any instructions of use that may be included. Please be advised that files encrypted using unknown offline keys or online encryption may not be decrypted using this program.

    Keep in mind that the anti-virus software on this website can swiftly and effectively remove ransomware if you find yourself in trouble during any of the removal steps. You may also use our free online virus scanner to check any suspicious files on your computer. 


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