Cortana Runtime Broker CPU Miner

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Cortana Runtime Broker CPU Miner

This page aims to help you remove Cortana Runtime Broker CPU Miner. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

First let us make something very clear. This article is dedicated to a trojan like virus that mines cryptocurrency by using your CPU’s resources. A virus that pretends to be the legitimate Cortana Runtime Broker. This article is not designed to show you how to disable the real Cortana on Windows 10.

A Trojan Horse virus like Cortana Runtime is certainly not something that you would like to have on your computer. This indeed a really devastating piece of malware and if you currently have this virus inside your PC, be sure to read the information that this article has to offer as this might be exactly what you need for saving your computer from the dreadful effects of the insidious Trojan. Similarly to most other threats of its type, Cortana Runtime might be able to carry out a number of different shady tasks while inside your PC which makes it a rather versatile piece of malware. In order to prevent it from causing any serious damage to your machine and to your virtual privacy and security, it’s important that you take the necessary precautions and actions in order to eliminate the threat. There may be different ways you could handle this issue but here we will offer you two potential methods for dealing with the Trojan infection. The first would be a detailed guide with manual steps that you would need to complete in order to detect and remove any malware-related data and files from your PC. We can’t guarantee that the guide’s manual steps would work for each and every one of you but it would still give you a rather good chance at removing the infection. The second variant that we can offer you here is an automatic malware-removal program that we’ve posted on this page. The suggested tool is specialized in removing all kinds of malware threats and should also be able to rid your computer of the noxious Trojan. Generally, if you think you might not be able to complete the guide on your own, we’d advise you to use the automatic removal tool or at least to ask a more tech-savvy person to help you with the manual removal steps. Of course, using both methods is also an option and it is actually the best course of action as it will further boost your chances of getting rid of the malware.

Characteristics of a Trojan

Generally, the Trojan Horse malware category comprises all kinds of threats that might drastically differ from one another both in their purpose and in the way they operate. Still, there are certain characteristics that are typical for the majority of viruses that belong to this group including Cortana Runtime. For instance, most Trojans tend to rely on their victims’ negligence and carelessness in order for them to infect the targeted computers. Usual methods of distributing Trojans are sending them to the users by attaching them to spam e-mails and social network messages, linking them in misleading online offers, ads and requests, adding them to pirated content that some users might download and attempt to install, distributing them through illegal and shady sites and so on. The similar thing between all those methods is that if the user doesn’t interact with the infected piece of content, the malware wouldn’t be able to infiltrate their machine. This is actually some good news – it means that if you are really careful while browsing the Internet, the chances of getting your system infected by a Trojan would be rather slim. That said, you still need to have some sort of security software on your machine. Even the most experienced of users might make a mistake every now and then and if that happens to you, you’d be glad to have an antivirus/anti-malware program to keep your computer protected. Also, bear in mind that most Trojans lack visible symptoms so the security program of your machine might oftentimes be your only reliable way of detecting an infection with a virus like Cortana Runtime.

The versatility of Trojan Horses

This truly is one of the most versatile types of malware – Trojans are basically the Swiss army knife of the computer viruses since they could be used in all kinds of ways depending on what the end-goal of the hackers behind them is. Depending on the situation, a Trojan Horse threat could be used to damage your system, steal sensitive information from your PC or from your online accounts, load other malware pieces on your computer (Rootkits, Ransomware, Worms and so on). A lot of Trojans  have whole botnets of infected PCs that can be used for collective tasks like cryptocurrency mining, spam message distribution, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and so on. Those are, of course, only a small fraction of all the possible kinds of damage and harm a malware like Cortana Runtime might be able to cause to a targeted user’s PC. This is why it’s so crucial that as soon as you notice that there’s a Trojan Horse on your PC you try to remove it in order to prevent it from fulfilling its nefarious task.


NameCortana Runtime
Detection Tool

*Source of claim SH can remove it.

Cortana Runtime Broker CPU Miner Removal

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