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Custom Strategic

Custom Strategic is an ad-displaying program of the browser hijacker type. The main goal of Custom Strategic is to make ad revenue, but it may also lead to security issues.

Custom Strategic

The Custom Strategic App will display pop up ads and messages

Custom Strategic is a browser-hijacking type of a software which is tries to promote different products, services and web pages on the people’s screen. It does that by integrating itself with browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox and others and installing a new homepage, a search engine or a toolbar which generate various types of ads. Custom Strategic has categorized as a potentially unwanted application because it may cause certain browsing issues and redirect the web users to online locations without the users’ permission. This hijacker may also display various intrusive ads, pop-ups, banners and new tabs with each and every browsing session and aggressively prompt the users to click on certain sponsored links. Luckily, on this page, we have a solution for all this disturbance and in the next lines we are going to tell you how to remove the annoying ads and uninstall Custom Strategic from your system.

Custom Strategic for Mac 

Having Custom Strategic on Mac is something users shouldn’t ignore. Custom Strategic for Mac can lead to a number of safety hazards.

Browser hijackers are pieces of software, developed for advertising purposes. They are not malicious and do not typically contain malware-related code and, therefore, most security experts do not consider them to be a serious threat to any system. However, the page-redirecting software of this type may be very irritating as such apps may keep flooding your screen with intrusive pop-ups every time you try to browse the web, redirect your searches to different sponsored pages and impose some changes on your default browsing program.

Custom Strategic and the similar browser-hijacking applications such as Pronto App, Premium Forward, are currently one of the most popular online advertising tools used by the online marketers. These programs are fairly easy to distribute in combination with various free software packages and automatic installers and they can integrate with any browser and can effectively promote products, services, and web pages right on people’s screens. What is more, they can even generate profits through Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-View advertising campaigns.

What is Custom Strategic?

Custom Strategic is an intrusive program used for generating ad revenue. Custom Strategic may tamper with your browser settings in order to achieve is goal.

Once your computer has been hijacked by Custom Strategic, its ads and redirecting messages will continue to appear until you remove the redirecting software from your computer. To do this, we strongly advise you to download a trusted and high-quality anti-malware tool such as the Custom Strategic removal and use it to thoroughly scan your computer. Of course, you can also uninstall the hijacker manually. In this case, you will need to find and delete the Custom Strategic-related files and data on your computer. Look for recently installed software that you do not remember installing and use the instructions in the Removal Manual below for guidance.

The CustomStrategic App

The Custom Strategic app is able to reinstall itself in your Mac browser if not removed properly. Therefore, all of the Custom Strategic app data must be deleted to prevent its return.

If you have already downloaded and installed Custom Strategic on your computer, you should not get frustrated. This browser hijacker can be removed fairly easily from your system, without any actual risk or damage. Unlike viruses such as Trojans, Ransomware, and other malicious threats, Custom Strategic is unlikely to cause corruption, damage or serious system issues. However, it may significantly decrease the quality of your web browsing experience and may sometimes trigger intimidation within users who aren’t too experienced. For instance, when this program is running, it may display different ad-supported messages on your screen which may ask you to download some new software, install a new application, run a scan on your system or update some of your programs without an actual need for that. It may also make you click on websites with sketchy content or redirect you to pages that may look shady or unfamiliar to you. Before clicking on any of the messages generated by Custom Strategic and similar browser hijacking apps, however, you should keep in mind that some of them may not be genuine and may potentially be used to distribute other browser-hijackers, different ad-generating programs, illegal software or even viruses such as Trojans, Ransomware, Spyware, etc.

How can Custom Strategic become part of your system and how to prevent it from doing so?

There are several methods that browser hijacker developers typically use to distribute software like Custom Strategic but among them the most common is the software bundling. Browser hijackers may be noticed on the computer as soon as some new software package (a.k.a. software bundle) has been installed in the system “incorrectly”. That’s why, it’s a good idea to always check what kind of software you install on your computer and carefully read every small text and pre-selected check mark when running the installation wizard. There are many free apps that are involved in spreading browser hijackers and similar ad-generating software and they often include them in their installation package as “suggested” or “recommended” components. To access these additional components and opt-out of their installation, you should choose User or Advanced Setup and remove any suspicious check marks that allow the installation of browser plug-ins, extensions, and toolbars.

Name Custom Strategic
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Custom Strategic Mac App

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You can find the removal guide here.


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