This page aims to help you remove EasyFileConvert. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

EasyFileConvert is a piece of software that is supposed to allow users to convert files from one format to another as well as merge different documents into one. Once installed, the tool gets added to your browser and can be used from there as a sort of a browser extension. On paper, all of that sounds pretty neat, right? However, many users and also many software researchers have reported that this software utility seems to display some undesirable behavior which has lead to its categorization as a PUP – a potentially unwanted program. In the following paragraphs, we will elaborate upon the reasons why some deem EasyFileConvert potentially unwanted. Also, we have included a removal guide down below that can help you remove EasyFileConvert from your Chrome, Firefox, IE (or any other) browser and have it uninstalled so that it no longer remains on your system. Just make sure to read the remainder of the article beforehand in order to acquire a better understanding of what this program actually is and how it might potentially affect your browsing experience in a negative way.



Issues with EasyFileConvert

  • The most common complaints that users have from this software piece are the following:
  • The program can potentially replace the default homepage, new-tab page and search engine of the affected browser.
  • It might also add a new toolbar to the browser.
  • Another possibility is that the PUP could trigger page redirects and even display intrusive web-ads when the user is surfing the Internet.
  • EasyFileConvert may also gather telemetry data from the user’s browser and either sell it to third parties or use it for targeted advertising.

None of those unpleasant effects that EasyFileConvert might have on your browser and PC system might not seem like much. However, it is undoubtedly rather irritating and at times even frustrating to have the default settings of your browsing programs altered like that. Also, bear in mind that such alterations typically happen without the user’s permission and in most cases, even if you try to restore your browser to its regular state by reverting the said changes, the PUP will likely not allow you to do that by automatically re-introducing the new toolbar, homepage, search engine and new-tab page as soon as you remove them manually. In such a case, the only truly effective way of making sure that your browser is under your control and under that of some irritating and potentially unwanted program is to remove the said program from your computer. We already mentioned that there’s a guide down below that all of our readers can use of they want to have EasyFileConvert uninstalled and eliminated so be sure to give it a go if you are in that same situation.

Telemetry data collection

One other thing we must point out in here is the potential for telemetry data collection coming from this browser add-on. Obviously, the creators of EasyFileConvert seek to make revenue by utilizing their product as an online advertising tools. This is why your browser homepage, search engine or new-tab page might get changed – it is all done with promotional purposes and one other way of making money through web marketing is by gathering user information related to their online searchers, most visited sites, bookmarks, etc. This sort of data is actually really valuable throughout the online marketing world as it allows Internet advertisers to determine the supposed preferences of each user and then feed their browsers with targeted adverts that would be in line with the possible tastes of those users. In fact, you might have already noticed how some of the web ads that appear on your screen while visiting different sites seem to be promoting products that are in some way connected to stuff you’ve been recently researching on the Internet. For instance, if you recently searched for a certain bicycle model online, now you might see adverts of bicycles on a lot of online pages that you go to. This is how targeted advertising works and although it doesn’t seem to be explicitly prohibited by the law, it is still probably something that you wouldn’t want to be happening to you especially if it is being done by some questionable piece of software because you can never really know who else also has access to the data extracted from your browser.

Distribution of EasyFileConvert

There is an official site from where you can download and install this browser add-on but we have received information that it might also be distributed via file-bundling. With this method, the PUP is added to another program’s installer file as an optional install. Most users, however, overlook the optional aspects inside the setup wizards of programs and simply use the Quick installation configuration which typically installs everything optional as well. We advise you to avoid going that way and instead try to customize the installation process so that you can leave out anything that might be unwanted by unchecking it from the setup menu. Only then would it be safe to carry on and launch the installation of the actual program that you want to get on your computer.


Name EasyFileConvert
Type PUP
Detection Tool

EasyFileConvert Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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