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What is EasyPDFCombine? (And how can you remove it?)

EasyPDFCombine is a browser extension/toolbar that is said to provide the user with a number of useful features that are directly added to their Chrome, IE, Firefox or whatever other browser they might be using. Those features include combining PDF files, converting PDF to other formats, text translations and access to a dictionary. So far, so good. On paper, all of this sounds very pleasant and helpful, especially when taking into consideration the fact that all of these features would be directly integrated within your browser and you would not need to download a specialized PDF reader in order to have access to such features. Then why is EasyPDFCombine considered potentially unwanted? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that and here we will give you an in-depth explanation as to why this program might not be as reliable and as helpful as one might think at first.

System infiltration

The biggest problem with EasyPDFCombine is that it is known to implement undesirable and unpleasant changes to the user’s system and browsers. For example, one very common complaint is that the software would more than likely change the user’s browser front page to some other website. Should the user attempt to revert the changes that the PUP (potentially unwanted program) has made, the latter would automatically reassign the said changes.

However, a replaced starting page is far not the worst issue that one might have when encountered with the invasive program. Another thing that the program is known to be capable of is tracking the user’s online activity. If you have the PUP on your PC, then what you do online is more than likely being monitored by the unwanted software and the acquired data is being kept for future use. There are a lot of programs known to do for marketing purposes. They gather user data from the browser and later implement the gained info within adverts generated by them so that the ads seem more likable and attractive. However, once the information is extracted from the browser, the user has no control whatsoever regarding what happens with it. For what you know, your personal data might get sold to third parties over and over again and you would not be able to do anything about it. Programs known to do that are usually referred to as Browser Hijackers and since EasyPDFCombine, too, seems to possess similar traits, one might as well categorize it as a Hijacker.

How threatening is it?

Obviously, EasyPDFCombine is not as perfect as it might seem at first sight. However, it is still a legit piece of software and to users that don’t mind having their privacy invaded and their browser settings modified, it might even turn out to be quite useful. Despite the fact that it might a potentially unwanted software, the program we are talking about is not inherently harmful and, on its own, it should not pose any threat to your machine. In the end, it is up to the individual user to decide whether or not it is acceptable to have their virtual personal space invaded in exchange for a couple of useful features that the software in question is said to provide. In case you already had the PUP installed onto your computer and are currently trying to uninstall it, be sure to check our removal guide beneath this article which will help you to get rid of the program quickly and effectively.

How does it get installed?

Something that we haven’t mentioned yet is that a lot of people have been complaining that the PUP has gotten onto their computers without them actually wanting to install it. This is because one of the most common ways of distributing EasyPDFCombine is via the so-called file bundling. When a piece of software is bundled with another program, once the other program gets installed, the said bundled software gets installed along. Usually, there is an option that allows the user to uncheck the bundled application so as to install only the main program. However, a lot of users tend to neglect that and pay little to no attention regarding what added applications there might be within the setup wizard. Additionally, the developers themselves might sometimes try to make it more difficult to notice when there have been applications bundled within the main install. For example, a lot of times one must opt for the Custom installation settings so as to see what has been bundled as additional installs. This is precisely what our advice for you is. From now on, every time you are about to install a new program, make sure that you check every single option within the setup wizard and if you find out that there are in fact applications that have been bundled with the main program, look them up to see if they are potentially unwanted. In case anything added appears to be shady and seems likely to be unwanted, uncheck it, just to be sure.


Name EasyPDFCombine
Type PUP
Detection Tool

EasyPDFCombine Uninstall

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You can find the removal guide here.


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