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FilterIdea is a Mac browser add-on app that security researchers deem unwanted and categorize as a browser hijacker. FilterIdea has been reported to reroute the user’s online traffic to pages filled with ads and to introduce unwanted changes in the browser.


The Filteridea Virus will interfere with you browser searches.

Browser hijacker programs such as the above-mentioned one can cause serious browsing problems at times. That’s why if the ads and the popping boxes displayed by FilterIdea have been annoying you, on this page you will find a quick and effective way to deal with them. We will explain how to safely remove all the ad-generating components and uninstall the changes (a new homepage, an unfamiliar search engine, etc.) that FilterIdea has imposed on your web browser. You will find all the necessary steps right below, neatly organized in a removal guide. The steps prove effective for most popular web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and others, so no matter which of your browsing apps has been affected, you can use the instructions.

FilterIdea on Mac

FilterIdea for Mac is an unwanted piece of software that is disguised as an add-on for popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. FilterIdea for Mac is known for taking over the browser and causing changes in its settings without the user’s approval.

The browser hijackers are pieces of software that are specifically created to generate and display different ads on the user’s screen. Normally, such programs are used as online advertising tools and, every time users open their web browsing app, the hijackers start to display sponsored pop-ups, banners, colorful advertisements, and links that redirect to promotional pages. They can track the users’ browsing history and searches, and then tailor the ads on display with the latest search queries. Sometimes the browser hijackers may alter the personal browser settings of the users in order to show more advertisements, redirect their searches to promotional pages or modify their home page or search engine to some ads-displaying site.
This is quite aggressive behavior, and many web users respond to it as unacceptable and actively seek ways to save themselves from advertisements.

The FilterIdea App

The FilterIdea app is a typical browser hijacker extension that targets Mac browsers and floods them with ads and automatic page-redirects. Additionally, FilterIdea could also install new elements such as a new search engine or toolbar buttons in the browser without the Admin’s approval.

Sadly, the sponsored advertisements a hijacker like FilterIdea, Management Mark or MyCouponSmart can display may be quite difficult to remove and when users try to close them down, they may be faced with even more popping on their monitor. The explanation for this irritating behavior is that creators of browser hijackers profit from the clicks on the advertisements displayed. This is achieved using a method called Pay-Per-Click. So, basically, they will try to show more ads with every possible occasion so that users would click on them to generate more revenue.

What is FilterIdea?

FilterIdea is Mac malware capable of filling your browser with misleading ads and redirecting your searches to unknown sites. The typical FilterIdea symptoms are the unauthorized replacement of some browser elements such as the starting page address or the main search engine.

Most people tend to mistake browser hijackers for a virus or malware, and this is mostly because of their aggressive behavior. This is a misdefinition, however, because programs such as FilterIdea are legal pieces of software that are developed for the sole purpose of promoting certain products, services, and their websites. They cannot be related to the harmful activities that could be done by viruses. Just for comparison, a Trojan horse or a Ransomware may cause major security issues, corruption of the system, data encryption, and much more. A browser hijacker, on the other hand, could only get on your nerves with its annoying ads and unwanted browser changes, causing you browsing disturbance and page-redirects. But such software definitely can’t corrupt your system or do any major damage to your data. It is, therefore, considered to be relatively harmless. Still, a browser hijacker can expose you to inappropriate advertisement material and land you on questionable web pages that could potentially be compromised by real viruses, Ransomware, Trojans and other malware. That’s why, if the activity of pieces like FilterIdea disturbs you, you have all the rights to uninstall them with the help of a removal guide or a professional removal tool.


Name FilterIdea
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

anti-malware offerOFFER *Free Remover allows you, subject to a 48-hour waiting period, one remediation and removal for results found. SpyHunter's EULA, Privacy Policy, and more details about Free Remover.

FilterIdea Virus Removal

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