Freefiremobile is a browser-infecting software app that can secretly install itself in Safari and other Mac browsers. Once Freefiremobile is added to the main browser in the system, it begins to promote different sites on the user’s screen by causing automatic page redirects to them.


Freefiremobile will display pop up windows and messages.

Site promotion is the main purpose of most applications of the browser hijacker category. For the most part, apps like Akamaihd, Tapufind would not directly damage the computer that it is installed on. However, the longer a hijacker remains active in the browser, the higher the chance of getting targeted by a more dangerous form of malware, including malicious threats like spyware, Trojans, Ransomware viruses, and worms. Therefore, uninstalling the hijacker is pretty much always the best possible course of action. However, apps like this tend to be difficult to remove and they also oftentimes make search engine and homepage changes in the browser in order to further increase the effectiveness of their advertising actions. Still, it is possible to return your browser to its normal state and to make the hijacker go away. Just keep reading and you will learn everything you need to know about this type of unwanted apps and about the way you could get them removed from your Mac.

Freefiremobile a akamaihd net

Freefiremobile a akamaihd net is an aggressive piece of Mac malware that generates banners and popups and causes automatic site redirects in the main browser. Freefiremobile a akamaihd net can also look into the history of your browser and then use the information it acquires to customize its ads.

Targeted advertising is really common nowadays – it is the reason the ads you see on Facebook or YouTube seem to match things you’ve recently looked up on the Internet. This is currently seen as normal and most people have, albeit reluctantly, accepted it. However, hijackers tend to take this a step further and most or all of this data gathering without informing you, without asking for your consent, and without giving you any options to choose what kinds of data you don’t want to be accessed by them. This, combined with the fact that the information collected from your browser is very likely to eventually be sold to third parties that you have no information about, should give you yet another reason to remove the already undesirable browser hijacker.

What is Freefiremobile?

Freefiremobile is a form of browser-infecting malware that has the goal of promoting certain sites through aggressive browser page redirects. The Freefiremobile app will shower your browser with page-redirecting links and pop-ups, potentially exposing your Mac to unsafe and unreliable online locations.

One way to take care of this problem is to remove the aggressive app and the guide we’ve prepared for you on this page will show you how to do it.

The Freefiremobile app

The Freefiremobile app is a rogue add-on for Mac browsers that tampers with the browser settings and aggressively promotes sites through page redirects. The Freefiremobile app could potentially lead to infection with Spyware, Trojans, Ransomware, and other viruses if you interact with its advertising content.

The only way to be sure that this app would cease its aggressive site-promoting activities is if you fully uninstall it from your Mac. If you need help doing this, the next lines will guide you through the full removal process. 


Name Freefiremobile
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

Remove Freefiremobile Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.

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