GarGizer System Repair

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There are many programs out there that are promoted and advertised as helpful software tools that could greatly benefit you and your computer in some way. A lot of them do indeed deliver upon their promise of functionality and usability. However, there are also many seemingly useful PC programs that are, in reality, not what their creators try to make them out to be. Here, in this current article, we will be focusing on one such program – a PC optimization utility called GarGizer which seems to be considered by many to be a PUP. The term PUP stands for a potentially unwanted program and down below, we will give you a general idea why GarGizer might indeed fall under this category of software.


As we already mentioned, according to its creators, GarGizer is a computer optimization software tool. Supposedly, it improves the performance of the computer it’s installed on by scanning its system for unneeded junk data files, errors and various other problems and cleaning them. On paper, this should make your PC’s system better optimized and should make your machine’s performance smoother and faster. However, there’s a catch.

Although the program might at first appear to be free, it really isn’t. Sure, you can download it and install it on your PC without paying anything but in that case, once you run the software and scan your machine with it, it would simply say that the PC is in poor state and needs optimization due to a large number of detected issues. The real problem here is that this optimization tool doesn’t really tell you what those issues are and what they are related to. It simply claims that your machine needs to have those issues fixed and that, in order to have them fixed, you’d need to buy the full version of the tool. Here, we need to mention that there are many legitimate programs out there that offer a scanner as a free service which shows what potentially unwanted data you have on your PC and that give you the option to buy their full version that would clean the said data. However, if the software is truly legitimate, it would actually show you what the problem is enabling you to deal with it manually.

This, however, is not the case with GarGizer. For what you know, there might be no real issues whatsoever or the said problems might be vastly exaggerated in order to persuade you into buying the license for the program. Because of this, many users and researchers deem this tool potentially unwanted. If you too are convinced that this app might not be something that you’d like to have on your PC, we can give you some instructions on how to uninstall it and fully remove it from your computer so that it doesn’t take any space on your system or use any RAM or CPU that your computer might need for other, more essential and useful processes.


One other aspect of GarGizer that has lead to many considering this tool unwanted is the way it oftentimes gets distributed. One could, of course, download the program from its official site but in many cases, users actually get this application though a method known as file-bundling. In such a case, GarGizer is added to the installer of another program (most likely a free one). When the default setup option is used to install the said program, the PUP would also get installed onto the system. Avoiding this is easy as most setup wizards offer various customization settings that allow the user to opt-out of any optional clauses including added/bundled installs such as GarGizer. The thing is, though, that most people do not really pay much attention to the provided installation customization settings from the setup menu. Most users simply click on Next until the process of installing the desired program begins and this is them most common reason why PUPs get installed onto people’s computers.

If you wish to prevent this from happening to you in future, all you have to do is simply pay more attention to the details from the setup wizard – look what settings are provided there and what optional clauses you can opt-out of. If, for example, you see that there is some added software that you might not really need or want in your system, simply remove the tick next to it before you launch the process of installing the main program. This would leave the added software out of the installation and you will only get the main piece of software – the one that you actually want to get on your computer.

As we already mentioned, down below, you can find instructions on how to get remove the potentially unwanted application from your system – just scroll down and follow our instructions and you should have no problem uninstalling the program.


Name GarGizer
Type PUP
Detection Tool

GarGizer System Repair Removal

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