Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password

“Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password”

This page aims to help you remove “Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password” Bitcoin Email Scam. Our removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

Instructions for "Hi, I'm a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password" Bitcoin Email Scam removal

A screenshot of multiple antivirus programs from VirusTotal which detect the malware of the Bitcoin Email Scam.

The following is the message that most of our users received:

Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password is: *******************
Your computer was infected with my private malware, because your browser wasn’t updated / patched, in such case it’s enough to just visit some website where my iframe is placed to get automatically infected, if you want to find out more – Google: “Drive-by exploit”. 
My malware gave me full access to all your accounts (see password above), full control over your computer and it was possible for me to spy on you over your webcam. 
I collected all your private data, recorded few videos of you (through your webcam) and I RECORDED YOU SATISFYING YOURSELF!!! 
I can publish all your private data everywhere, including the darknet, where the very sick people are and the videos of you, send them to your contacts, post them on social network and everywhere else!
Only you can prevent me from doing this and only I can help you out, there are no traces left, as I removed my malware after my job was done and this email(s) has been sent from some hacked server… 
The only way to stop me, is to pay exactly 800$ in bitcoin (BTC). 
It’s a very good offer, compared to all that HORRIBLE shit that will happen if you don’t pay! 
You can easily buy bitcoin here: www.paxful.com , www.coinbase.com , or check for bitcoin ATM near you, or Google for other exchanger. 
You can send the bitcoin directly to my wallet, or create your own wallet first here: www.login.blockchain.com/en/#/signup/ , then receive and send to mine. 
My bitcoin wallet is: 1HctxwLwjEFCacTPi83me927UBs7aTJ7LF 
Copy and paste it, it’s (cAsE-sEnSEtiVE) 
You got 3 days time. 
As I got access to this email account, I will know if this email has been read. 
If you get this email multiple times, it’s to make sure that you read it, my mailer script is configured like this and after payment you can ignore it. 
After receiving the payment, I remove all your data and you can life your live in peace like before. 
Next time update your browser before browsing the web! 

As you probably all know, getting a Trojan Horse in your computer can lead to some very serious issues with regard to your virtual security and to the health of your system and data. And although the security tools that we now have available to us and that can help us keep our systems safe have vastly improved throughout the years, there are still Trojan Horse infections out there that manage to bypass a computer’s antivirus program and latch themselves onto the targeted machine in order to complete their insidious tasks. This is especially true about the newer representatives of this malware category – malicious programs that are yet to get added to the malware databases of most antivirus programs, which currently makes them unrecognizable to a lot of the conventional software security programs that many users have on their machines. “Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password” is one such Trojan Horse that is relatively new and may be able to slip past your antivirus program and enter your computer unnoticed. And, if this happens, there are many problems that may come from it. The Trojan infections are actually rather versatile and they may have quite a few abilities that allow them to carry out some particularly nasty tasks.

For instance, this type of malware is oftentimes used to gather sensitive personal or professional info from the user’s computer and later use that info to harass the targeted victim, to blackmail them, or to covertly steal money from them. For example, if the given Trojan has keylogger capabilities (many Trojans do), it could easily allow the hacker behind it to learn all of your passwords, credit and debit card numbers, usernames as well as monitor chat conversations and the e-mails that you send out.

Another thing that a lot of Trojans like “Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password”Porn Blackmail Bitcoin Email Scam can do is backdoor more viruses and malware programs into your computer – one very common example here is the use of a Trojan Horse infection as means of allowing some Ransomware cryptovirus to enter the system. In those case, the Trojan is not going to be the main threat but it would be the one that makes the infection with the Ransomware possible.

Some Trojans form whole networks of machines infected by them and allow the hackers to control those machines remotely. For instance, “Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password” may make it possible for the hackers who have attacked you to force your machine to use up all of its resources in order to mine BitCoin for them, to participate in spam e-mail campaigns or in DDoS attacks.

And there are many, many more things that infections the likes of “Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password” may be able to do – the ones mentioned here are only some of the more popular examples.

Fighting “Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password”

To successfully save your computer from such an attack, you will need all the help you can get. We advise you to start by completing the following guide and if that doesn’t seem to be enough, it may be a good idea to try out the professional anti-malware tool that we have included in this page. If you have any questions related to the elimination of “Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password”, know that you can ask them though our comments section down below.


Name “Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password”
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Remove “Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password” 

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.
You can find the removal guide here.


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