Hohobnd “Virus” File

This page aims to help you remove Hohobnd. These Hohobnd uninstall instructions work for every version of Windows.

Hohobnd “Virus” File – what it is and what to do if it’s present in your PC

Hohobnd is considered a PUP program. Or in a full sentence – a Potentially Unwanted Program. Once inside your computer it will start generating various intrusive ads every time when you open your browser or load a new page. These can be anything – from box messages and banners to pop-ups and page redirects. If you have Hohobnd on in your system the annoying ads may be displayed along every browser you may attempt to use. It doesn’t matter if you are using Chrome, IE or Mozilla – they are going to be everywhere.

Generally, Hohobnd and other PUP programs are not dangerous and can be easily dealt with. Often people mistake them for viruses, but they are far from that – they are simply unwanted, not malicious. Let’s emphasize on this – Hohobnd is not a “virus”. Usually, the main reason why they are considered unwanted is due to the obstructive ads that can heavily affect your browsing experience. While for the most part the ads are pretty much harmless, you should know that by clicking on some of them, there’s a chance that you may get redirected to a malicious, virus-infested site. Needless to say that can pose a serious threat to your virtual security. Most of the times, this does not happen – fake and/or malicious ads that can lead to virus infections are a rarity. However, even those of them that are legitimate will not gain you anything useful, should you attempt to click on them. All in all, there’s no need to expose your PC to potential threats. What you should do instead is avoid interacting with any of the intrusive pop-ups whatsoever. If you, by any chance, get redirected to another page that Hohobnd opened for you, close it as quickly as possible. Don’t click on anything that’s in the page!

Next thing on the list is removing the PUP, but we will get to that later. Before that, we will give you some more information on how Hohobnd works and how to protect your PC from PUP programs for the future.


So far, we’ve mentioned what’s the main symptom of Hohobnd’s presence in your system – the intrusive ads. Albeit, there may be several other symptoms that go along the main one, and also, intrusive ads in your browser do not always mean that you have an unwanted program installed on you PC.

Often you will get to a webpage, that has annoying pop-ups and banners left, right and center. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve landed a PUP program. You see, some sites actually have integrated obstructive, shady-looking or outright fake adverts. Usually, you should keep away from such sites. Anyway, if you somehow end up browsing such a site and you start seeing ads invading your screen, close it, go to a normal page, that you trust, and see if the ads keep on popping-up. If they don’t, then it’s all fin. Just don’t go to the ad-infested site, nothing to do there. In fact, webpages like that may actually serve as a gateway for PUP programs – one way to land Hohobnd.

Apart from the rage-inducing ads, other symptoms may be PC slow-down, a change of the starting page to one or all of your browsers that you did not administer. Apart from these, your browser might stop responding or close all its tabs without a warning.

How do you get it?

Ways of distribution may vary. There’s the torrent and file-sharing sites and there’s the spam e-mails. The effectiveness of these methods is not consistent. However, there’s that one method, which works almost always, especially with users that pay little to no attention to what they are installing. We are referring to Hohobnd being bundled with other free software that you can download from the internet. Once the free program is installed, along with it, the intrusive PUP gets in your system as well. However, this is not illegal at all. In fact, the reason why the unwanted application gets installed along the main thing, is because people hardly ever look at the installation settings. Therefore, next time when you download a program and attempt to install it, carefully look at the menu and see if there’s any added content. You may need to opt for the custom settings in order to see the added installs. Once you see if there’s anything added, uncheck the add-ons, which look suspicious or useless.

And there you have it – a neat and easy way to prevent such intrusive programs from entering your system. If you still looking for a way to remove Hohobnd, head to our guide below on how to uninstall and remove the annoying program.


Name Hohobnd
Type PUP
Detection Tool

Remove Hohobnd

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You can find the removal guide here.


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