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Ixisivomer Mac is a potentially unwanted application that can cause trouble for Mac systems by silently infiltrating the user’s browser without their knowledge or consent. Once installed, Ixisivomer Mac can flood the user’s screen with intrusive ads and open unknown sites without their authorization. This type of behavior can be both annoying and potentially dangerous, as it can lead to exposure to malicious content or compromise the user’s privacy. Therefore, it is recommended to remove Ixisivomer Mac as soon as possible to avoid any negative impact on the system’s performance and security.

The Ixisivomer Mac virus

What is Ixisivomer.com?

Ixisivomer.com is a browser hijacker that targets Mac systems and affects popular browsers like Safari and Chrome. The primary objective of Ixisivomer.com is to promote specific websites by constantly redirecting users to them.

While not as destructive as Ransomware or Trojans, browser hijackers like Ixisivomer.com, MacStealer, Search-alpha can still be perceived as a security threat. However, it’s important to understand that these applications are primarily used for advertising purposes and are not designed to cause any harm or damage to the user’s computer or files.

The real security issue with hijackers lies in the ads and page redirects they generate. Users can never be completely sure that the ads appearing on their screens are safe and not disguised links that can take them to malicious sites and pages used by hackers to spread malware such as Ransomware, Trojan horses, Spyware, Rootkits, and other harmful software. Malvertising is a commonly used technique for disseminating this software, which is why it’s not recommended to keep an unfamiliar app like Ixisivomer.com that generates a lot of online ads on your computer for an extended period of time.

Is Ixisivomer virus dangerous?

Browser hijackers like Ixisivomer virus can be among the most bothersome types of software that a Mac user may face. These programs can attach themselves to any browser installed on the system, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, and more. Once installed, the hijacker can make unwanted changes to the browser without the need for Administrator permission. These changes can include alterations to the toolbar, search engine tool, homepage, and new-tab page.

In addition to these modifications, hijackers can inundate the user’s screen with a barrage of page redirects, banners, pop-ups, and other forms of advertising. Often, these ads will persist regardless of user attempts to remove them, as long as the hijacker is still present in the computer.

Removing a hijacker like Ixisivomer virus can be a tricky task. These apps are not like traditional programs that can be uninstalled from the Control Panel, nor are they like browser extensions that can be disabled from the add-ons manager. To effectively remove such software from your computer and browser, specialized help may be necessary.

Ixisivomer Mac Prevention

The Ixisivomer Mac application is a troublesome software that attaches itself to the web browsers of Mac computers and initiates sudden and unauthorized site redirects. Typically, the Ixisivomer app is distributed through various software bundles and low-quality applications.

While some software components of the hijacker category have official websites from where users can download them, the most popular ways of distributing such applications are methods that allow them to enter the system without the user’s knowledge or uninformed consent. These methods include, but are not limited to, malvertising, spam emails, low-quality downloads, and deceptive online offers.

Sometimes, a hijacker can even be bundled with a legitimate program and get installed alongside it if the user does not pay attention to the setup settings and forgets to uncheck the hijacker from the installation menu. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution and vigilance when installing new software, like Ixisvomer on your Mac – always uncheck any optional components if you do not trust them.


TypeBrowser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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How to remove Ixisivomer from Mac

If you are dealing with the frustrating Ixisivomer hijacker on your Safari browser, following the instructions below may assist you in getting rid of it quickly and easily. We suggest you give them a try as a first step:

  • Open the main menu of your Mac browser and navigate to Preferences.
  • Select the Extensions sub-menu to display all currently installed extensions.
  • Remove any extensions that you do not recall installing or that are closely linked to Ixisivomer’s activities, by clicking on the trash bin icon next to them.
  • Restart the browser that has been hijacked and check to see whether Ixisivomer is still bothering you with intrusive ads, redirections, and pop-ups.

If the aforementioned instructions resolve the issue, you may disregard the comprehensive removal guide below. However, if Ixisivomer continues to cause you problems when browsing, we recommend that you carefully follow the instructions outlined below to remove any traces and remnants that the browser hijacker may have left on your Mac OS.


*Source of claim SH can remove it.

It is advised to initiate the removal process of Ixisivomer with Safari closed. You may need to Quit it, or if Ixisivomer prevents you from closing the browser correctly, you may need to Force Quit it. To Force Quit Safari, click on its Apple menu, and select the Force Quit option from the slide-down list of available options.



*Source of claim SH can remove it.

To begin the process of removing Ixisivomer, launch the Activity Monitor utility from the Applications> Utility folder. Here, you can locate any processes associated with the hijacker that may be causing issues.

Once you have identified a process, select it and click the (i) icon at the top of the window to bring up an Information window with additional details about the process.


At the bottom of the Information window, click the Sample button to create a sample file for the selected process.


Save the generated file and scan it using a reputable online malware scanner to ensure it is not infected with malicious code. This step is important as some processes related to Ixisivomer may be disguised as legitimate processes, making them difficult to detect and remove. By generating a sample file and scanning it for malware, you can ensure that all components of the hijacker are identified and eliminated from your Mac.

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    After obtaining the scanning results, you can determine whether or not the process you have identified is associated with Ixisivomer and should be terminated. If it is, select it in the Activity Monitor and click on the X button located at the top of the window, next to the (i) button. Once the process has ended, delete the sample file from your Mac.

    It is advisable to create a sample file and scan each suspicious process you encounter on your Mac until you are sure that there are no other processes linked to Ixisivomer or other dubious applications that are running in the background of your Mac OS. Taking these steps will help ensure the complete removal of any potentially harmful software from your computer.


    To revert any changes made by Ixisivomer, the first step is to restart Safari while simultaneously holding down the Shift key on your keyboard. This will prevent the automatic loading of sponsored pages and halt any advertising links.

    However, if undesired pages continue to load despite this, the next step is to Force Quit Safari (as instructed in the first step) and then disconnect your Mac from the internet cable until the process is complete.

    If you are using Wi-Fi, simply turn it off by selecting Wi-Fi OFF in the Menu bar on your Mac. Alternatively, if you are connected via cable, disconnect it from your computer and attempt to Shift-launch Safari again.


    Remove Ixisivomer from Safari

    After launching Safari without any pages associated with Ixisivomer, you can proceed to remove the extensions that may be causing the hijacking issues. To do so, click on the Safari menu and select Preferences from the dropdown menu.

    Preferences in Safari

    Once on the Preferences page, navigate to the Extensions tab, highlighted in red in the figure below:

    extensions in safari

    If you come across any extensions related to Ixisivomer that are interfering with your browsing experience, ensure that you remove them by clicking on the corresponding Uninstall button.


    While still in Safari, choose the Privacy tab in the Preferences menu:

    Privacy in Safari

    Select the “Remove All Website Data” option. If you confirm your action by selecting Remove Now, it will remove all data linked to loaded websites, including cookies and cache for websites related to Ixisivomer and other websites you’ve visited or logged in to.

    Please note that before you approve the deletion of website data, make sure that you know your passwords for any sites that require authentication.

    Additionally, in the Preferences menu, you may want to check the General tab for any suspicious settings and revert them to their default values.

    General Tab in Safari

    Check the Homepage area of all your browsers to see if Ixisivomer has replaced your homepage address with its own, and replace it with a URL you trust.

    Default Home Page

    Another crucial step is to clear the History menu. Select History from the Safari menu and click Clear History to delete any traces of websites launched by the browser hijacker. For an even more thorough approach, delete All History to avoid accidentally visiting any hijacker-related web pages.

    To ensure that Ixisivomer is completely removed from your Mac, it’s essential to follow the necessary steps not only for Safari but also for any other browser installed on your system, such as Chrome or Firefox.

     How to Remove Ixisivomer From Firefox in OSX:

    It is recommended to thoroughly scan Firefox for any unwanted extensions or alterations, even if it’s not your primary browser on your Mac. To do this, click on the menu icon located in the top right corner, and then select Add-ons from the sliding menu. Once the Add-ons Manager is open, select the Extensions tab on the left-hand side and search for any problematic extensions that are associated with Ixisivomer or causing you issues. If any such extensions are found, remove them by clicking on the corresponding Remove button.

    After removing the unwanted extensions, it is advisable to Refresh Your Firefox Settings to ensure that any changes made by Ixisivomer are completely eliminated.

    pic 6

    How to Remove Ixisivomer From Chrome in OSX:

    Identify any browser extensions that you did not install and remove them from your Chrome browser by navigating to More Tools > Extensions.

    pic 8

    Then, access the Settings menu by clicking on the three dots located at the top right corner of your browser and selecting Settings. From there, choose the Search tab and navigate to Manage Search Engines. Check for any search engines that you did not add yourself and remove them.

    To undo any further modifications that might have been made to your Chrome browser, reset your Chrome settings by following the instructions found in the provided link.

    If you have completed all the steps mentioned and Ixisivomer is still causing issues, consider utilizing a professional removal tool or a free online virus scanner to scan specific files that you suspect to be questionable. If any questions arise, kindly leave them in the comment box below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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