How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

This page aims to help you remove KZIPSHELL.DLL. These KZIPSHELL.DLL removal instructions work for every version of Windows.

If you are dealing with KZIPSHELL.DLL, then you have to know that you are facing a PUP. A typical member of this family will enter your computer fully unnoticed and will remain hidden until the right time comes for the virus to achieve its pre-set purpose. In the text below you will find all the additional details about these viruses and how to fight them.

How could KZIPSHELL.DLL end up on your PC?

The PUP group is also characterized by a great variety of potential sources. All PUPs could also be programmed to perform a variety of actions. We have prepared lists of the possible activities and the potential sources in the paragraphs below. All the general features of any PUP also apply to KZIPSHELL.DLL. If we have to define the potential sources of browser hijackers with one word, it will be numerous:

  • PUPs are sometimes used as backdoors for Ransomware and are distributed via documents, .exe and .dll files. Also, in such a case, mind the Ransomware-based virus, as this is the immediate threat you should deal with. Such viruses sneak inside your system and begin to lock-up your files almost immediately. Then it is usually extremely hard to retrieve your encrypted data.
  • Malicious ads you may come across on the web could be possible sources. Sometimes you may come across an example of the so-called malvertising on the web – the so-called malicious ads. Once clicked on, they are likely to redirect you to locations full of malware or directly download the malicious piece onto your computer.
  • Video-streaming web pages and torrent-distributing websites. Often such webpages contain PUPs and they come to you as drive-by downloads once you visit such a web address.
  • Torrents, shareware and illegally downloaded software. Sometimes PUPs might be found in the aforementioned places as well.

How to avoid such an infection?

The general advice in case you want to avoid such a serious threat is to follow all of the tips below:

  • Install the best anti-malware tool available. Purchase a full license and after that – make sure that it is regularly updated, as you will need the latest malware database to stay away from all of the newest viruses. 
  • What you should also do is to surf smart. This means to avoid all not particularly trustworthy sources of software, web addresses and emails.
  • Scan your PC for threats as often as you can to prevent future infections.
  • Use your Firewall, it may warn you when you are about to load a contagious web page.

What to expect from KZIPSHELL.DLL in case your PC has already been “infected”

Unfortunately, the prevention tips above will not help you in case your system has already been contaminated.  Among the negative effects of KZIPSHELL.DLL, the following ones are the most common:

  • Your system might get infected with Ransomware. The PUP might just be functioning as a transportation tool.
  • KZIPSHELL.DLL could corrupt your files or totally destroy them. Such viruses are even capable of inflicting an entire system crash.
  • All PUPs might be exploited as instruments for spying on you for a variety of reasons.
  • Your money could be the thing the hackers are after. This virus will give them access to your banking credentials and all the personal details they need to hack your profiles and drain your deposits.
  • The hackers might want to use your PC as a bot for its system resources. Their purposes could be varying in such a case. The important detail is that they will be able to control your machine and all its resources remotely.
  • Even crimes could be committed on your behalf with the help of KZIPSHELL.DLL. The nature of the criminal deeds could be different; however, you may end up blamed for something you have never done after that.

Is it possible to get such a program removed?

Fortunately, the answer is yes and we have a possible solution ready for you. Scroll down and you will see the Removal Guide we have assembled. Follow the steps inside it and you should be able to remove the infection.


Type PUP
Danger Level Low (PUPs are often used as a backdoor for Ransomware)
Symptoms Sadly, there are generally no visible symptoms.
Distribution Method Many possible ones: spam letters, contagious attachments, fake advertisements, fake update requests, torrents, videos, documents; even images.
Detection Tool

Keep in mind, SpyHunter’s malware detection tool is free. To remove the infection, you’ll need to purchase the full version.
More information about SpyHunter and steps to uninstall.


How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

Some of the steps will likely require you to exit the page. Bookmark it for later reference.

Reboot in Safe Mode (use this guide if you don’t know how to do it).

How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

Hold together the Start Key and R. Type appwiz.cpl –> OK.

How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

You are now in the Control Panel. Look for suspicious entries. Uninstall it/them. If you see a screen like this when you click Uninstall, choose NO:

How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

Type msconfig in the search field and hit enter. A window will pop-up:

How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

Startup —> Uncheck entries that have “Unknown” as Manufacturer or otherwise look suspicious.

  • Remember this step – if you have reason to believe a bigger threat (like ransomware) is on your PC, check everything here.

How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

Hold the Start Key and R –  copy + paste the following and click OK:

notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

A new file will open. If you are hacked, there will be a bunch of other IPs connected to you at the bottom. Look at the image below:

How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

If there are suspicious IPs below “Localhost” – write to us in the comments.

How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC simultaneously. Go to the Processes Tab. Try to determine which ones are a virus. Google them or ask us in the comments.


  • This step is very important, because you can catch other threats (like Ransomware and Spyware) while looking for the Adware process.

Right click on each of the virus processes separately and select Open File LocationEnd the process after you open the folder, then delete the directories you were sent to.

How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

Type Regedit in the windows search field and press Enter.

Once inside, press CTRL and F together and type the virus’s Name. Right click and delete any entries you find with a similar name. If they don’t show this way, go manually to these directories and delete/uninstall them:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—–Random Directory. It could be any one of them – ask us if you can’t discern which ones are malicious.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—-Windows—CurrentVersion—Run– Random
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—Internet Explorer—-Main—- Random

How to Remove KZIPSHELL.DLL (April 2017 Update)

If all the prior steps fail to help you or you have reason to believe your system is exposed to threats like Ransomware, we advise you to download a professional scanner and remover.

Remember to leave us a comment if you run into any trouble!


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