Mount Locker Ransomware

Mount Locker

Mount Locker is a recently detected ransomware threat that security professionals are actively warning web users about. Mount Locker acts as a cryptovirus and can encrypt data that you save on your computer without your knowledge.

Mount Locker

The Mount Locker Ransomware ransom note

Typically, to achieve its goal, Mount Locker applies an advanced algorithm to the files that it detects and then places a ransom-demanding message on the screen of the infected machine. This message usually asks the victims to pay a certain amount of money as a ransom for the decryption of the encrypted files.

Like most representatives of the ransomware category, Mount Locker can sneak inside the system and complete its agenda without visible signs. So a terrifying ransom note on your screen may greet you when you least expect it. Moreover, the people behind the virus use a whole range of sly tactics and a series of transmitters that often appear intriguing and harmless and can confuse everyone, even security experts, with their real nature and purpose.

The Mount Locker Ransomware

The Mount Locker ransomware is stealthy file-encrypting threat that can prevent access to very valuable digital information. The malicious actors behind the Mount Locker or Egregor viruses use it to extort money through blackmail tactics and promise to send a decryption key to the victims if their ransom demands are met.

Before you do anything else, however, it is really important to detect and safely remove Mount Locker from your computer. If you don’t do that, the ransomware may prevent you from using your machine normally and may keep encrypting any new files that you create or any old files that you manage to recover from the encryption.

With Mount Locker active on your PC, your backup sources or other devices will not be safe if they are connected to the compromised computer for the same reason. If the cryptovirus encrypts them, you won’t be able to use them to restore your information. And it is needless to say that loosing even the backup access to your personal images, videos, audio recordings, documents, projects and other essential files, can be a serious loss.

The Mount Locker file encryption

The Mount Locker file encryption is a code that is applied to a wide variety of digital files and prevents them from being opened or used. The Mount Locker file encryption is usually not reversible unless a special decryption key is applied.

Mount Locker File

The Mount Locker ransomware rename files of random characters as their new extensions

Typically, the hackers behind the ransomware won’t hesitate to extract money from you with the help of tons of tricks. And this doesn’t imply only the use of menaces, fake promises, fake tools of data recovery and much more. They usually display a frightening ransom note to your monitor, put tight deadlines, ask for a ludicrous sum of money and promise to send you a secret decryption key that is kept on their servers  as long as you do what they ask you for.

Some hackers may even give you the possibility to decrypt a few files as a test, just to convince you that they have a functioning decryption solution on their hands and to make you pay the ransom amount as soon as possible. In reality, however, the recovery of your files is absolutely not guaranteed even if you satisfy all the ransom requirements because the hackers can always disappear without sending anything in exchange. This is why it is a much more rational decision to remove the infection and look for possible alternatives such as those in the removal guide below instead of submitting to the blackmailing tactics of some anonymous hackers.


Name Mount Locker
Type Ransomware
Detection Tool

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Mount Locker Ransomware Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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