MPC Cleaner

This page aims to help you uninstall MPC Cleaner. These remove MPC Cleaner instructions work for every version of Windows. “MPC Cleaner Desinstalar”,”MPC Cleaner Verwijderen”,”Eliminar MPC Cleaner” and “MPC Cleaner Entfernen” are just a few of the inbox messages we’ve received lately, showing that a variety of different users wish to know how to uninstall this PUP from they system. 

MPC Cleaner

MPC Cleaner is a potentially unwanted program advertised by DotCash Limited as a lightweight cleanup assistant and system optimizer. In reality MPC Cleaner is known to detect a lot of false issues within your system.

Uninstall MPC Cleaner

Uninstall MPC Cleaner

If you do not remember installing the PUP yourself then it’s likely that this application sneaked into your computer unannounced. We’ll be discussing the most likely ways of how that might have happened, as well as provide some advice on questions of:

  1. Is MPC Cleaner actually harmful?
  2. Is it worth keeping?

Just keep reading!

Is MPC Cleaner worth using and paying for?

According to the site officially distributing this software MPC is is the world’s most lightweight and reliable cleanup assistant.” Fair enough. There is one problem though – there is no actual proof behind these statements.

MPC Cleaner belongs to a family of programs commonly known as PC optimization software. These programs specialize in optimizing the registry file and terminating unnecessary processes. They don’t do anything vital or things that you don’t do manually on your own – they just save you time and the effort to learn this stuff. That said we’ve noticed that when run MPC Cleaner Verwijderen will scan your computer and display a large number of issues, thus making you believe you have a serious problem on your hands. The reality is that this application counts old and unused registry entries as problematic. Such entries have almost non-existent effect on the speed of your PC. MPC Cleaner Desinstalar will also optimize your program’s autorun priorities on system reboot. This will definitely speed up your computer, but may turn off programs that you actually want to be run automatically. If you have to turn them on manually that kind of defeats the purpose of the software, doesn’t it.

Is MPC Cleaner dangerous?

In our tests we have not found MPC Cleaner Desinstalar to try to perform any malicious actions on the test machine. On it’s own the program is perfectly safe (though not particularly useful due reasons explained above). We would still rate is as a PUP though (Potentially Unwanted Software). We’ll list our arguments below:

  1. This software was likely installed covertly via the aid of a software bundle. Software bundle is a trick in which one installer for a certain program is loaded with a bunch of other programs. Should the installer be started using the Default installation option all the extra programs will get installed as well and you will be completely unaware of the fact. This trick is used by Adware, Spyware, Trojan Horse viruses and more. The fact that MPC Cleaner also uses it is worrying on its own.
  2. If a software bundle method was used for the installation then its possible that some other malicious program was installed as well. A particularly nasty trick is to load some Adware that slows down your computer in order to make you actually believe you need. In reality you “need” to uninstall MPC Cleaner Verwijderen.
  3. MPC Cleaner will actually run a continuous Windows service in the background.
  4. The program’s scan results will show a large quantity of bogus problems.

Note: It is also possible that some unscrupulous hacker messed with the MPC Cleaner installer and added a nasty present to it. If MPC Cleaner was not obtained from the official developer’s site it might have been carrying the virus.

Regardless of the infection method used we highly recommend that you uninstall MPC Cleaner and then hunt down the cause behind the Ads.


Name MPC Cleaner
Type PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program)
Detection Tool

Uninstall MPC Cleaner 

You are dealing with a malware infection that can restore itself unless you remove its core files. We are sending you to another page with a removal guide that gets regularly updated. It covers in-depth instructions on how to:
1. Locate and scan malicious processes in your task manager.
2. Identify in your Control panel any programs installed with the malware, and how to remove them. Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker that gets installed with a lot of malware.
3. How to clean up and reset your browser to its original settings without the malware returning.
You can find the removal guide here.
For mobile devices refer to these guides instead: Android, iPhone.


About the author

Violet George

Violet is an active writer with a passion for all things cyber security. She enjoys helping victims of computer virus infections remove them and successfully deal with the aftermath of the attacks. But most importantly, Violet makes it her priority to spend time educating people on privacy issues and maintaining the safety of their computers. It is her firm belief that by spreading this information, she can empower web users to effectively protect their personal data and their devices from hackers and cybercriminals.


  • Hi there, i’ve checked my PC using the txt. I saw a number of IP below the localhost. The IP’s are 0, but there are names. pls help me decode this. Here’s the thing:


    • Have you installed a program called “unchecky” or something of the sort? The IPs and the comment near them suggests this program was installed to block these IPs, but it might be a ruse by the malware.

  • Hi Briones,

    You need to delete all of those lines. Open your notepad as administrator and then open the hosts file, delete all these lines and safe the file.

    let me know if you need more help

    • Hi Jerome,

      You only need to stay in safe mode while you delete files. Leave it when you look for rogue processes in the task manager.

  • same here, It says I don’t have the Admin Rights to save the file after clearing these Lines, how to delete them ?
    after deleting the lines
    i mean i cant open it as administrator in the first place….

    • Hi Elbert,

      What you need to do is open Notepad/Wordpad first by right clicking on their executable file -> select run as administrator. When the program starts open the file menu and select Open, then manually navigate to the Hosts file.

      This should allow you to save it after you’ve deleted those lines.

  • Yo, thanks for the tutorial guys! In the beginning i tried to take out the internet cable and go up on the firewall settings to prevent that shitty app to install more of it’s kind. And i somehow succeeded to remove the main threats, but still remaining with a couple of files that couldn’t be deleted, so thx to your advice i managed to get rid of those shitty parasites. Thank you again ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi Luca,

      Glad we could help, it’s very annoying when these programs don’t uninstall completely.

  • Hi irvan,

    Can you press Win+R buttons and type MsConfig. Remove all relations to MPC from the startup tab and reboot your PC and try again.

  • Hello, you should delete all of these lines, then save the file as normal.

    Let me know if you experience any problems with that, especially with saving the file.

  • Hi Jargon, you need to delete all lines that look suspicious to you, then save the file. Don’t worry – you can’t damage anything even if you delete something that is not related to the PUP.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    • Yes, I have a file in my C:Drive that keep reappearing.
      They are:


      I can delete them from the drive into Recycle Bin, but they reappear.
      They are contained in Program Files (x86) under a folder named ‘Organic’. My internet speed has been slowed, and all browsers have this intrusive adware that covers the whole screen. I have to use a proxy to get to some websites.

  • Hi Peter,

    Is MPC still running on your system? This could be one reason. Did you run your PC in safe mode first?

  • If that is the case then the key likely contains an embedded Null character. Microsoft will not let you delete keys with embedded null characters and those are invisible to you. There is a way to remove these, but this entry is most probably a dud. Unless you encounter any other traces of MPC Cleaner you should just forget about it.

  • Try downloading the scanner from our ads, it will help you find any other infected files: maybe some of them are responsible for this problem.

  • Copy the file somewhere else, edit it, move it back to the original position and replace the old one with the edited one.

  • Hello Gregory,

    Did you complete all steps form our guide? If you did and if there are no indications about your problem you should be ok. Let us know if you have further problems. Hopefully all has been resolved.

  • Hello,

    In such a case it may be that the underlying issue is still present on your device. You can try completing our removal guide yet again and/or use the software we recommend to help you find the problematic files.

  • Hi Levi, right click on each process and select show location. Determine if they are attached to programs you use/need. If they are not feel free to shut down the process, then delete relevant files.

  • Hi Dolan,

    You can disable MPC cleaner from running on startup, reboot the PC in safe mode and delete its files manually.

  • Hi Kazuki,

    Its how these things get it. When you install another program always click on the advanced settings, because in default you are probably agreeing for something like this to get installed. It’s a nasty marketing strategy.

  • Hi Liam,

    You got like a full collection of most chiese sites that spam Ads. You need to delete all of these from your file, then save it.

    If you experience any problems with permission rights do the following:

    Search for Notepad in Windows search -> right click on the executable and select Run as Administrator.
    From inside Notepad click on the File-> Open menu and navigate to the hosts file

    You should now be able to save the file properly.

  • Hi Dolan, sorry but we are helping in our free time. We can only approve when we are actually online and approval is not automatic because of bots and spammers.

    Glad you could solve this on your own.

  • Hi Melvin, right-click on it, select file location. Note down the file location, then reboot your PC in safe mode. Go to that location and delete all files in there. Then go to MsConfig as detailed in the guide in disable the program from starting.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • Hi Rapheal,

    Open the task managed and look for MPC Cleaner process there. Right-click on it and choose show location. Note down the folder, then restart your PC in Safe Mode. Go to that folder and delete anything.

    Let me know how it goes.

    • Hello, you out to delete all of these lines from the file, then save it as usual.

      If you experience any problems with permission rights do the following:

      Search for Notepad in Windows search -> right click on the executable and select Run as Administrator.
      From inside Notepad click on the File-> Open menu and navigate to the hosts file

      You should now be able to save the file properly.

  • Hi Kenny, there is no much to wonder. All are chinese sites connected to the Ads. Delete these lines from the file, then save it.

    If you experience any problems with permission rights when you try to save the file do the following:

    Search for Notepad in Windows search -> right click on the executable and select Run as Administrator.
    From inside Notepad click on the File-> Open menu and navigate to the hosts file

    You should now be able to save the file properly.

  • Hi owen, you should remove all of these lines from the file as they are related to the Ads. Delete them as usual, then save the whole thing.

    If you experience any problems with permission rights when you try to save the file do the following:

    Search for Notepad in Windows search -> right click on the executable and select Run as Administrator.
    From inside Notepad click on the File-> Open menu and navigate to the hosts file

    You should now be able to save the file properly.

  • Hi Rohit, make sure no processes associated with the program are running before you try deleting it.

  • Hi, Zoe!

    Nothing to be sorry about, we are here to try and help you. Indeed, the IP’s you have listed are definitely suspicious. Delete them from your hosts file.

  • Hello,

    We can confirm that you should remove those lines from your hosts file.

  • Hi Colin,

    First of all do you successfully save the hosts file? If you do but the problem still persists, you have probably not get rid of the underlying cause. Try to follow our guide step-by-step and if need by download and use the free of charge malware scanner provided in Spyhunter.

  • Hello James,

    Did you try performing this action with Administrator rights? Does the problem still persist?

  • I found the mpc cleaner map but the program is not in the program list.
    I can’t delete them cause it says im not allowed to. please help

    • Hi Okke, you need to shut down all related processes first before you can delete the files. This can easily be done if you start your PC in safe mode first, as per the guide.

  • Hello guys, after searching and searching the solution is super easy! You need to go to the MPC folder in Program Files (x86). Open it, search for the UNINSTALL exe program. Click on it. It will open a dialogue. Keep on click on uninstall. And it will just disappear!
    I found it here:

    • Hi Lucas, that doesn’t always work, especially if the program was installed from a 3rd party distributors, who remove this executable on purpose.

      • I got it from third party. so I guess I was lucky. I must say I made sure i was authorized to do any chances. Right click on the MPC folder > Properties > Security > Edit & also Advanced, ..etc.
        Also in “Advanced” make sure you Unable inheritance.

  • I have deleted the npc cleaner files, but when i use internet explorer it still shows mpc cleaner running it, and won’t let me use my apps(movie tv, camera, etc.)

    • Hi Christian, can you check if MPC cleaner is added to IE as an add-on? You can do it from the IE config menu inside the browser.

  • Hi Oya, the most likely reason to see this error is because the process behind this exe is currently running. Check your task manager. If you don’t see it there restart your PC in safe mode. That should stop the process from starting automatically and you can delete the file.

    Let me know if you need more help.

  • Hey. I deleted the mpc because it wasn’t in the uninstall list even after checkin the show hidden files thing and now I can’t connect to wifi or anything in general.

    • Did the problem with wifi happen after you entered safe mode or after you did something else? Please, be specific if you can, I want to find out what you did so we can find out how to reverse it.

  • Try performing a system restore. You probably deleted something you shouldn’t have. That’s the danger with manual guides. Download the scanner from one of our ads, so it can help you find all MPC Cleaner related files.

  • Hi Dobrin, can you tell me if these adverts have something like “Powered by :Something:” and what is the name of that something.

  • Hi there, have you tried looking though the task manager? (Ctr-Alt-Del shortcut to open it). If you find the process there you can right click -> open location. You open the location, shut down the process and delete the files.

  • Hi Nathan, all of these sites are of chinese origin and deal with Ads. Delete their lines from the file. You need to open the Notepad program as admin first. Search for notepad and right click -> run as admin on it. Use the Open menu from the inside to open the hosts file and get permission to save it.

  • Hi Jarvey,

    are you still having trouble locating any suspicious files? You might want to try the free scanner offered in the advertisements above.

  • Hello, delete all of these. Unless you want Ads from chinese sites on your PC of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hi,

    Right click on the file in question and change the security permissions. Give yourself admin rights to modify this file.

    • Hi Victoria, you probably don’t have to worry about these, but feel free to delete them anyway.

  • Hi Hall, this list blocks all these sites from being accessed by your PC. This includes both Ads by the chinese sites, as well as product registration notices for adobe programs.

  • Hello I have tried to remove the program but It keeps saying I don’t have the permissions. I edited and gave myself full control permissions via properties>security but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried doing it after closing the program and running in safe mode but it doesn’t even let me end the process from task manager since I don’t have permissions. Now it’s made itself my browser homepage and I can’t remove it no matter what I do. I’m out of ideas now, please respond! Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Ang, write msconfig in the run menu and try to disable MPC cleaner from the programs that start on setup. Reboot the PC in Safe Mode and try again. I find it very odd that it was able to start itself even when you used Safe Mode.

  • Please help I’ve tried changing the permissions so I can delete the files but It never works. I’ve tried in safe mode but I still can’t even end the process from task manager. I’m completely out of ideas please help.

  • Hi there, Netlink 3HV is installed by VMware Horizon Clients, which – in turn – is a program for remote control and support. If you installed it yourself and use it don’t remove it. Otherwise it was probably installed through a bundle and you should remove it.

  • Hi so I’m stuck on step 2 because I can’t access the Internet with my laptop and apparently I don’t have notepad or an app suitable so idk what to do
    EDIT: ok so I do have notepad but when I do the run command it says I need to access the App Store because I don’t have a program for it and then because I can’t access the Internet it stops working. I need some serious help

  • Hi Pranam,
    Our team found out that these ips starting with are harmless, so these are fine. Did you follow every step carefully on how to remove MPC Cleaner?

  • Hi there Umer,
    try to right click on the program in Start Menu. After that click on Open file location. If you find anything delete all of it. If you don’t just click Delete, it is probably just a Shortcut. Contact us if you have further issues.

  • Hi Umer,
    can you be more detailed? Can you post the IPs here or attach a screenshot ?

  • There are some .pf files related to mpc left (not even detected by spy hunter 4). Should i delete them or they harmless?

  • Hi there suraj,
    did you manage to complete all the steps in Safe Mode? You can also open the Task Manager and every program you think suspicious you can Right Click it and Open File location and delete them from there. Contact us if you have further issues.

  • Hi there Alek,
    what you have done is fine. Our guides don’t require for you to download any extra software if you are following it precisely. But have this in mind be really careful what kind of software are you trying to download, because the program you download might be suspicious as MPC Cleaner. Keep us posted if you need further help.

  • Hi Charan,
    yes you are right. Did you check your Task Manager for suspicious processes? Keep us posted.

    • Hi Joseph,
      these IPs are harmless. Our team researched them and they turned out to be safe. Contact is if you have other issues.

  • Hi Lychee,
    can you be a little more detailed? Did you try opening Notepad from Windows search ?

  • Hi, I was following through this guide and got stuck on step 2. After making my hidden files and folders visible on my Windows 8.1, I still can’t find MPC Cleaner to uninstall it. Is there another way to find it to get rid of it? It’s clearly still on my computer because it’s still making pop-ups, but I can’t seem to find the file so that I can uninstall it.

    • Hi Ninjakid0104,
      what exactly is preventing you to continue the guide? What did you find difficult in step 2?

      • Ah, I wasn’t able to find MPC Cleaner in my list of programs even after I had revealed my hidden files and folders, but it’s ok now. Last night I ended up just clearing my entire Windows and reinstalled it – it has nothing on it now, but there’s also no viruses and MPC Cleaner is gone now. Thanks for your reply- I ended up finding another way around it though.

        • You are welcome Ninjakid0104! Remember if you have any questions, we will gladly answer them ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Did you try to make a simple Notepad file on your Desktop ?Right click on Desktop -> New -> Text Document.

  • Can you delete the new file after that? When exactly are you receiving the warning “Access Denied” after you Open the file or before that?

  • tracking.opencandy.
    # unchecky_end
    what do i do?

    • Hi PCrafterZ,
      you should delete these entries. Keep us posted if you need further help.

  • Hi sruthi,
    did you check your browser for any extensions or did you try to change your home page? If you find anything suspicious please let us know.

  • I did everything you said to do. I went back to normal mode and it was there again. The App is called “SupRemo” as well as MPC cleaner. I cannot remove either of them.

    I knew this couldn’t be as easy as 123.
    I was able to save my notepad back to normal coding. But then I reboot and the s*** version is running again.

    What am I missing???

  • Hi Complexic,
    did you manage to complete all the steps in Safe Mode ? Did you find something difficult while following the steps ?

  • Sorry for the misunderstanding,
    what is preventing you to open the hosts.txt file? Did you find any uninstall executable in the MPC Cleaner folder ?

  • Did you try to locate the processes ? Did you by any chance delete the hosts.txt file or did you manage to change the Folder settings to show hidden files and folders ? What OS are you using ?

  • ะt this point it is probably best if you download the software from one of our banners above and use the free scan feature to locate any infected files. After you locate the malicious files you have to delete them manually.

  • Hi Jack,
    at this point is probably best to download our software from one of our banners above and use the free scanner feature. The scan will locate the infected files where you can delete them manually. Keep us posted if you need further help.

  • I have the following IPs: down.baidu2016. com 123.sogou. com http://www.czzsyzgm. com http://www.czzsyzxl. com

    # uncheckit_begin
    # These rules were added by the Uncheckitprogram in order to block advertising software modules # fix for traceroute and netstat display anomaly tracking.opencandy. com.s3.amazonaws. com media.opencandy. com cdn.opencandy. com tracking.opencandy. com api.opencandy. com api.recommendedsw. com installer.betterinstaller. com installer.filebulldog. com d3oxtn1x3b8d7i.cloudfront. net inno.bisrv. com nsis.bisrv. com cdn.file2desktop. com cdn.goateastcach. us cdn.guttastatdk. us cdn.inskinmedia. com cdn.insta.oibundles2. com cdn.insta.playbryte. com cdn.llogetfastcach. us cdn.montiera. com cdn.msdwnld. com cdn.mypcbackup. com cdn.ppdownload. com cdn.riceateastcach. us cdn.shyapotato. us cdn.solimba. com cdn.tuto4pc. com cdn.appround. biz cdn.bigspeedpro. com cdn.bispd. com cdn.bisrv. com cdn.cdndp. com com cdn.dpdownload. com cdn.visualbee. net
    # uncheckit_end

    Help me??

  • This happens to my browser as well. Everytime I Chrome, this tab still opens up. Sometimes it’s a pain because it will open Chrome and then exit Chrome. The only way to bypass the automatic exit is that I open a picture by right clicking on any photo or document and choose open with>Chrome. I’ll just exit the MPC tab at that point and browse all day with nothing further from MPC.

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