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This page aims to help you remove NW.exe “Virus”. These NW.exe “Virus” removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

In the following article we are going to talk about NW.exe. This tiny piece of software is what may drive all of your browsers crazy, no matter whether you have Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Explorer. If this program has found its way into your PC, it may become more difficult for you to browse the web, if you actually could browse at all. All the pages you want to open will come with small presents in the form of pop-ups, boxes and banners. Those small objects are actually ads. And believe us, they could become so incredibly annoying that you will want to deal with them quickly and efficiently, as soon as possible. So, here comes our detailed and structured article as well as our removal guide. They are designed to help you solve your issues with NW.exe “Virus”. Good luck!

Is NW.exe a “Virus”?

NW.exe actually represents a program that is specialized in displaying various kinds of advertisements. They could be in the form of banners, text boxes, new browser tabs or most usually – pop-ups and pop-unders. The common name of all ad-producing software is Adware.  You can catch Adware everywhere on the web, for example, from torrents, websites or shareware. Most commonly, though, you can find NW.exe and the programs similar to it in software bundles. Software bundles are in fact mixtures of software that developers create in order to distribute their own programs for free, but still get paid from the advertisements that come with the Adware. Obviously, the reason for such a mass production of ads is money. Programmers and vendors, they are all after your money. The first ones want to earn some profits to sustain their companies; the second ones want to advertise their products so you can get convinced to buy something from them.  This online marketing strategy is called pay per click. The more ads get generated and are clicked on, the more money both parties make.

However, you should know that Adware is a completely legal software. There is nothing malicious about it. NW.exe, as a typical Adware-based product, will only show as many ads as possible. It can’t steal any personal credentials, nor can it spy on you or crash your entire PC.  What’s more, NW.exe can’t block any of your files or blackmail you for getting them back as Ransomware usually does. Still, we can consider some of the actions this Adware performs quite shady and questionable. For instance, have you noticed that the ads you see usually resemble the last search enquiries that you have entered into your browser. The matching of the generated ads to your personal tastes is something typical for Adware-like programs. They use your surfing history to do that and in this way, as you keep seeing only ads of the products you like, you may be more willing to click on a pop-up and buy the given product from this vendor, who is advertising it. Also, sometimes, the generated pop-ups, boxes and banners might be very hard to close and may consume a ridiculous amount of system resources. All that can lead to the freezing of your computer or to something even worse. Another possibly unpleasant aspect of some of the ads is that they may be able to redirect you to suspicious places on the Internet that may contain malware and far more serious threats than Adware.

In fact, Adware becomes a part of your system when…

This is a very important part of the article. Maybe you think that you have caught NW.exe simply by downloading a software bundle, an email attachment or a torrent. The truth is actually slightly different. If the Adware comes from a software bundle, you need to first install it on your PC willingly in order to let it display ads on your monitor. Many naive users choose to incorporate NW.exe into their systems by making one very common mistake regarding the installation process of any software. Remember, no matter what you are installing on your PC, you need to be wise when it comes to that. The simplest thing you can do is to always go with the option of the installer that is called either ADVANCED or CUSTOM. In this way you will get all the details about the bundle and you will be informed about all the programs that are included in there. Avoid the other features like QUICK, AUTOMATIC or DEFAULT at any cost. Also, pay attention to our removal guide below. The instructions there are carefully chosen and especially prepared to help you with this situation.


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NW.exe Virus Removal

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