“Launch One System Care” Virus

This page aims to help you remove this PUP and answer the questions “What is One System Care?” and “Why does One System Care launch itself on my PC?”

What is One System Care, should I remove it from my PC?

One System Care is a one-in-all package of a program that claim to optimize your computer and fix many types of issues. However, we are not convinced – we actually believe it to be a PUP (potentially unwanted program). In this article we’ll list our reasoning and the findings behind them. Should you decide to agree with our opinion you’ll also find a detailed guide that will help you remove One System Care from your computer.

What exactly is a PUP?

Generally a PUP is not a computer virus or a dangerous/malicious program, it is simply a program of questionable market value. Typically these programs enjoy a poor reputation and seek many shady distribution methods in order to reach and force themselves upon unsuspecting customers.

Why do we believe that One System Care is a PUP?

Unfortunately this is also how One System Care ends up in most people’s computers. Although the program is fully legitimate and has an official site for download it also uses this questionable business practice called software bundling. We’ve identified that is comes bundled with programs like Max Computer Cleaner, Zombie News, Block Operator, SmartWeb, Infonaut, Ge-Force, Consumer Input and many more. In fact, many of these programs also use aggressive marketing strategy and software bundling, so you could say it’s a whole network of self-promoting and self-spreading PUPs.

Another very worrying feature of One System Care is the fact that it claims to be free to use, but in reality it will only scan your computer, then demand payment in order to fix what it perceives to be problems with your computer. This behavior is absolutely legal, but also quite frustrating in our opinion. More important, however, is the fact that One System Care is eager to find programs even in freshly re-formatted windows, which is unacceptable.

The program is eager to report a greatly inflated number of problems and issues in order to scare the user into purchasing it. The reality is that many of these issues are perfectly benign old registry entries that will do nothing bad to your computer. The program also blames regular cookies to be spying cookies and will try to delete them from your system. While it is true that some shady websites employ spying cookies this program will tried to make you believe that literally every single one of your cookies is a dangerous tracking cookie – that’s bordering fraud in our opinion.

Another annoying feature of this program is the fact that it will change your windows startup settings in order to set itself to start every time windows begins. This will naturally slow down the whole start-up process, sometimes considerably depending on how many other programs you have set up to boot on startup. One System Care will then proceed to scan your computer – whether you like it or not – and display its inflated number of bogus threats on your screen.

All of these things combined lead us to believe that removing One System Care is the best course of action. The final call is, of course, up to you.

How to recognize if a program is actually a PUP?

The easiest way to do that is run a Google search on the internet and look for user feedback and reviews. A quick search on One System Care reveals many negative review with people complaining about a slew of problems. Very often these programs are actually one and the same program that is actually marketed under a different name and outlook. These programs are known as rogue software and they are completely abandoned once their negative publicity threshold reaches a certain level. Remember that whenever you are experiencing problems with your computer it is a good idea to search for advice online instead of trusting the fake promises of the first advertisement you counter. Very often the culprit is some type of Adware program installed on the user’s computer that will try to coerce him into buying the advertised software as a means to fix the problem that is actually the Adware itself.


Name One System Care
Type PUP
Detection Tool

Remove One System Care

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You can find the removal guide here.


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