Qbot Trojan


In case your machine has been infected with Qbot, this is quite unfortunate. Qbot is a threat that belongs to the family of the Trojan Horses, and is therefore one of the most dangerous forms of online infections.


Multiple antivirus programs detect the Qbot Malware

According to statistics, the Trojans make up nearly 60% of all malware programs that can be encountered online, and there are a few strong reasons for that. Firstly, they are incredibly stealthy, and can go unnoticed on a victim’s PC for long periods of time. Usually, there is no visible sign of the infection, which is exactly what helps the malware to operate in stealth. Secondly, the Trojans are able to perform a lot of different criminal tasks. They are an invaluable tool for malicious operations for any hacker, so it is essential that you remove the virus from your system as quickly as possible. Our removal guide, which you can find below, has been specifically designed to guide you through this process. Just follow the steps described in it, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding, and removing Qbot from your system.

The Qbot Trojan

As mentioned, the Qbot trojan can be programmed for a broad spectrum of uses, the first being simple destruction. Potentially, malware like the Qbot trojan could be placed on your computer to format the disks, and delete certain files, or all the data stored on there.

This is particularly harmful to big companies, and organizations, as they may lose valuable information, and are more likely to be targeted with such intentions.Theft is another one of the common uses. Trojans can be used to secretly steal important user data, especially information related to their financial credentials, online accounts, and personal identification information. One of the techniques the malware could use to steal passwords, accounts, and other sensitive information needed to, say, rob you of your money, and drain your bank account, is called keylogging. With its help, the hackers can record every keystroke that you make and potentially find out what they need.

The Qbot Botnet

An infection like the Qbot botnet could also use a variety of techniques to spy on you for other purposes. For instance, your microphone can be hacked to listen to your discussions, whether you have them in your own living room’s privacy, or over the phone, Messenger, Skype, etc. Your webcam can be hacked just as efficiently in order to monitor all your activities within your home, or at the workplace.

Thanks to such spying, any valuables inside your place, and the possible entry points could be identified by the criminals who control the infection. In fact, many burglars have used this to obtain an in-depth understanding of the layout of the home of a person, and then rob it.

Other possible malicious operations that might involve Trojans like Qbot would be related to the distribution, and the insertion of viruses. Ransomware, for instance, is a notorious malware category that can often use the assistance of a Trojan horse in order to sneak inside the computer, and blackmail its victims.

This is the reason why we urge you to remove Qbot, and all of its traces as soon as possible. If you are new to this, feel free to use the instructions in the removal guide below, or simply run a scan with the professional removal tool attached to the guide.


Name Qbot
Type Trojan
Detection Tool

Remove Qbot Trojan

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You can find the removal guide here.


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