Astromenda Virus

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This page aims to help you remove Astromenda “Virus”. These Astromenda “Virus” how to remove instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

To have a PC infected with Wse Astromenda means to experience the following symptoms:

  • As this program mainly affects your browser, its default search engine and homepage are typically changed to new ones, which may appear strange or unfamiliar to you. What’s more, no browser is immune to the activities of Wse Astromenda – neither Chrome, nor Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Astromenda is in fact a browser hijacker, which makes it an excellent marketing tool. This means that the displaying of many various ads (banners, pop-ups, boxes, pop-unders) is among its main functions.
  • Another crucial component of the nature of such programs is the potential redirecting you might experience, once the program gets installed on your device. Probably you will become a victim of your browser sending you to strange pages that you have never heard of.

After reading all of the above, you may be thinking that Astromenda is a malicious program.

Astromenda Browser Redirect
Astromenda Browser Redirect

However, it does not belong to any virus group that currently exists

As a browser hijacker, Astromenda could be regarded as a potentially unwanted program because of its ability to really annoy the affected users by showing many various pop-up ads, or by changing their favorite search engine, or by leading to unknown web locations. Still, this program is not harmful and hasn’t been identified as a virus. Usually malware performs something dangerous or illegal like copying, selling or using some of your personal credentials (account, banking) to steal money or extort money from you. Also, viruses like Ransomware, for instance, are exploited by hackers for locking up some of your important data and then blackmailing you into paying to get this data back. A browser hijacker does not do anything like that because it is not malicious.

If this program is not a virus and doesn’t sneak into your PC, how do you get infected with it?

To understand the contamination process, you should be aware of the distribution methods. WSE Astromenda could get spread via plenty of possible sources: torrents, shareware pages, video-streaming websites, contagious webpages, etc. Still, the distribution method that is typically used when it comes to browser hijackers and all the other versions of ad-broadcasting software is program bundling.

Via program bundling developers create the so called bundles – groups of programs distributed together, usually for free. Such groups may include games, hijackers, Adware. Once you are interested in such a bundle and download it, you will have to install it. And that’s where most of the contaminations start from. It is essential that you learn to install any piece of software in the most efficient and the safest way. Most users skip that part of putting any program inside their PC. It is very important to choose the right installation feature because it may get your computer infected with something, but it may also prevent it from catching annoying programs and viruses, even Ransomware. The option of the wizard that we advise you to always go with goes by the names Advanced or Custom. This particular feature gives you the chance to install a bundle and choose what exactly from it you will need and what has to be left behind. In this way you may still use the program you are interested in, but you will not be bothered by browser changes and ads. Some of the other installation features should be avoided because they don’t give enough information about any bundle – these are the default, automatic or the quick installation option.

Why do programs like Astromenda exist in the first place?

Such programs are usually harmless and just serve the marketing industry. Their programmers get paid to create a piece of software that will efficiently promote a product or a service, a search engine, a certain website, etc. That’s why WSE Astromenda has also been developed. What’s more, you should know that the more ads you see, the more money goes to the accounts of the people who create browser hijackers and Adware. Many producers believe that the more you are surrounded by advertising materials of a certain product or service, the more you will be inclined to buy them and that’s why Astromenda could sometimes appear irritating and a little intrusive with the intensity of the generated ads. To remove this program and stop being bothered by it, use our Removal Guide for the uninstallation of this hijacker. It should be of great help to you.


Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

*Source of claim SH can remove it.

Remove Astromenda Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.


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