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Smart Mac Booster

If you have recently been thinking about installing a new browser or reinstalling your current one in hopes to get rid of the nagging ads, pop-up page-redirects and blinking banners that have been chasing you, then you probably need to read the information on this page. Many users frequently experience aggressive exposure to online ads and face difficulties to remove them. In some of the cases, the source of these ads is software known as adware, which can secretly integrate with their Safari, Chrome, Firefox or other browsers and can generate a constant ads flow on their screen. There is a high chance that you probably have an adware inside your system if you are experiencing the disturbance that we just described above. A typical example of an adware app is Smart Mac Booster, Safe Finder and Top Results. This application is a creation of a group of software developers who use it to promote some third-party offers, websites, tools, products and services directly on the users’ screen during their web browsing. Getting rid of those ads and uninstalling the adware may be a tricky task, especially if you don’t have a good understanding of the nature of this software. The good news is that Smart Mac Booster is not a malicious piece of software and dealing with it is much easier than dealing with threats like Ransomware, Trojans or Rootkits, for example. Of course, the elimination process has its specifics and you still need to pay close attention if you want to do it correctly. To ease up the things and to help you get rid of Smart Mac Booster, we have prepared a detailed removal guide below, which explains all the steps that you need to follow. There is also a professional removal tool for automatic assistance which can speed up the uninstallation process and help you get your browser back to normal.

How dangerous is the Smart Mac Booster Virus

Smart Mac Booster Virus

The Smart Mac Booster Virus displays a message claiming that your system is in danger.

Adware is a widespread type of software used for online advertising. As we already stated above, the applications of this type wouldn’t try to harm your system or data in the way that a real virus or a malware program from the category of Trojans and Ransomware might. This is definitely a relieving fact but a major concern that many users have regarding the adware is its ability to redirect them to various questionable web locations. In its attempts to advertise more effectively, this software may prompt you to click on randomly generated ads, links or pop-ups which may come from unreliable sources. For instance, Smart Mac Booster may display a commercial message that may try to sell you some discounted products or services, but when you click on it, you may land on other pages with overpriced or low-quality items. It is not excluded that you may happen to interact with misleading content, which may not only trick you into visiting websites that you never wanted to, but may also expose you to computer viruses and malware transmitters. Of course, all this can be avoided once you take care of Smart Mac Booster and remove it from your system, so don’t lose time and follow the steps in the guide above.


Name Smart Mac Booster
Type Adware
Detection Tool

Smart Mac Booster Virus Removal

Search Marquis is a high-profile hijacker – you might want to see if you’re not infected with it as well.

You can find the removal guide here.


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