Viral Updates Today Virus

The Viral Updates Today Virus in Depth

The Viral Updates Today site will display fake error messages that ask you to subscribe to notifications from this site. If you click on the “Allow” button, then you will start seeing unwanted pop-up ads from Viral Updates Today on your desktop even when your browser is closed. To trick users into subscribing to its notifications, the Viral Updates Today site will display the following message:

Viral Updates Today Virus

An example of Viral Updates Today’s initial redirect wants to Show notifications

Allow Block


Many people don’t really mind if some obscure app such as the one promoting the Viral Updates Today page, gets installed in their browser and changes the default homepage, adds a new startup browser tab with some unknown site in it, or if it replaces their default search engine service. After all, if the change isn’t too invasive, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Well, while this certainly isn’t as problematic as an attack from a Ransomware cryptovirus or as a Trojan Horse infection, it is still inadvisable to ignore the presence of some software piece that has been gotten mysteriously added to your browser. It doesn’t matter how safe and secure your browser is – even some of the safest browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome can have vulnerabilities, and also a sudden page-redirect to some site with questionable contents could easily expose your computer to danger even if your browser is generally secure. In fact, apps like the one that we will be focusing in this post are oftentimes responsible for the uncontrollable page-redirect activities in the users’ browsers, and while this rarely results in a redirect to a site with actual malware in it, the fact that such a thing is still possible is more than enough of a reason to uninstall the unwelcome software. But what are those apps ( anyway?

Browser hijackers and Viral Updates Today

The mainstream term used to refer to any software element that attaches itself to the user’s browser and makes potentially unwanted changes to it is browser hijacker. Recently, many users have reported that they have been getting frequent page-redirects to a page called Viral Updates Today (or a page with a similar name), that their homepage has been replaced with Viral Updates Today, or that they have a new search engine that carries the Viral Updates Today logo. All in all, changes in the browser that haven’t been authorized by the users themselves. If this is what’s happening with your browsers as well, then there is most likely a hijacker in it – a small piece of software that tries to promote something. In this case, that something is Viral Updates Today.

 As we said, this is nowhere as problematic as the attack by some nasty virus, a Trojan, or some other insidious malware piece like a Ransomware program. However, the browser is your gateway to the World Wide Web and if it has any potential weaknesses, those could get exploited by the hackers of the Internet and used to compromise your system. A browser hijacker is definitely not something that we advise you to keep in your machine – even if it currently doesn’t do anything that bothers you too much, the very fact that it introduces changes in your browser and carries out different tasks without your permission should be enough to get you to remove it.

 As far as the uninstallation of the hijacker is concerned, use the guide below or the tool linked in it and you should be able to easily take care of this annoyance.


Name Viral Updates Today
Type Browser Hijacker

Viral Updates Today Removal

We are sending you to another page with a removal guide that is regularly updated to counter the latest tricks malware creators use. It will show you how to:
1. Locate and clean up your phone’s apps if they are infected.
2. Find browser extensions related to the threat and how to remove them.
3. Ensure your passwords were not stolen or tampered with.
You can find the removal guide here.

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