Sauwoaptain is a browser hijacker that can interfere with your main browser’s function. When incorporated in your system, Sauwoaptain may show sponsored ads, banners and page-redirect links that are likely to disturb your web browsing activity.


The Virus will redirect your searches

Browser hijackers such as Sauwoaptain, Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft, mainly operate as online advertising tools. This is precisely why they keep spamming you with hundreds and hundreds of pop-ups, banners, and ads of all colors and shapes every time you open your web browser. To be more effective in their online promotion, these programs can integrate with any browser – Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc., and replace its homepage or set a new default search engine with the idea to redirect you to sites full of particular advertisements. The developers of browser hijackers benefit from this activity thanks to a popular pay-per-click scheme. They are paid every time you click on a displayed ad or land on a page promoted by the hijacker. The advertisements are often positioned in such a way that won’t allow you to remove or ignore them and this is done for capturing your unintended clicks on the given pop-up message or a page-redirect link. The imposed browser changes are also hard to uninstall and even changing the browser with another one may not help you get rid of them.

On this page, however, we have a solution that can help you effectively remove all the unwanted ads and imposed changes by uninstalling their real source – Sauwoaptain. You will find a comprehensive removal guide with all the needed steps below, as well as a professional removal tool for automatic assistance.

The Sauwoaptain Virus

Browser hijackers like Sauwoaptain, may often access your browsing history and keep track of your latest browsing queries and the websites you are visiting. This shouldn’t be a surprise since a program such as Sauwoaptain essentially integrates with your main browser.

The main issue here comes from the fact that the collected data is typically processed and used to tailor the ads the hijacker displays to your searches and preferences. This is done because the developers hope that at least some of the pay-per-click adverts will catch your attention and you’ll click on them. Some people, however, see this activity as irritating and invasive and list programs like Sauwoaptain as potentially unwanted. In their frustration, some even refer to the browser hijackers as viruses that need to be removed and put them next to threats like Ransomware or Trojans. Due to this confusion, we believe it is important to clearly distinguish the browser hijackers from more serious malware threats. A browser hijacker cannot cause system damage, file encryption, or data corruption and, therefore, such software is not considered a direct danger to your machine.

Yet, we cannot ignore the fact that the various advertisements that you keep seeing on your screen thanks to programs like Sauwoaptain may have the potential to expose you to online threats. This is possible thanks to a practice called malvertising which is, basically, the distribution of malicious ads inside the regular stream of advertisements. Malvertising should not be underestimated as it is one of the leading causes of infections with Ransomware and Trojans. For this reason, we typically recommend avoiding close interaction with online ads that are randomly getting displayed on your screen. Of course, showing malicious ads is not something that a browser hijacker would do intentionally but, still, the risk is always there. Therefore, we believe that this, combined with the above-mentioned browsing disturbance, gives you a good reason to uninstall the ad-generating software.


Name Sauwoaptain
Type Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

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Remove Sauwoaptain Virus

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You can find the removal guide here.



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