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Mobile Threats

Gestyy.com Virus

Gestyy.com Gestyy.com is a browser hijacker disguised as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Gestyy.com hijacks the settings of the homepage, the new tab page, or the search engine of the infected browser, and starts to initiate page...

Browser Hijacker

123movies Virus

123Movies 123Movies is an application that can alter the settings of an Internet browser without a user’s permission. Many people think of 123Movies as a virus or a type of malware as it can substitute the default search engine without notice...

Browser Hijacker

Sauwoaptain.com Virus

Sauwoaptain Sauwoaptain is a browser hijacker that can interfere with your main browser’s function. When incorporated in your system, Sauwoaptain may show sponsored ads, banners and page-redirect links that are likely to disturb your web...