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This page aims to help you remove Search Anonymo. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

Welcome to the Search Anonymo removal guide. On this page, we are going to show you how to remove the real source of the nagging ads, pop-ups, banners, tabs and page redirects that have been bugging you lately. You have probably noticed that your browser has also started to behave strangely and some new search engine or a homepage has probably replaced your default settings. Such things usually happen when potentially unwanted program like Search Anonymo takes over your Chrome, Firefox or Explorer but the good thing is that this software can easily be uninstalled without any harmful consequences for your system and in the next lines, we are going to explain you exactly how to do that.

Search Anonymo – what can this PUP do?

Search Anonymo  can initiate some potentially unwanted activities in your browsing program. Basically, this software is related to the generation of aggressive advertisements, installation of some unfamiliar add-ons or toolbars, replacements of your default homepage or search engine and sudden redirects of your web searches to some sketchy sites, full of nagging pop-ups.

Another thing, typical for PUPs of this category, is their ability to collect some “traffic data” from the affected browser. These programs usually track down the users’ latest search history, bookmarks, frequently visited web pages, likes, shares and recent search queries. The idea behind this tracking is to provide the developers of programs like Search Anonymo with valuable information about the users’ interests and help them make money from this information by displaying relevant ads and sales offers on the users’ screen. Sometimes, this can help the people to catch a good deal, that corresponds to their interests. However, in most of the cases, the above-described hijacking activities are mostly categorized as time-wasting and annoying. Moreover, these activities may affect the users’ web browsing experience and cause frequent interruptions, irritation, and web-surfing disturbance, especially if some misleading links or ads redirect them to some insecure and sketchy web locations. The risk of bumping into some tricky virus (or even worse malicious threats like Ransomware and Trojans) is always present in such case and may add up to the users’ decision to remove this type of software from their machines.

How can a PUP get installed on your PC?

Usually, programs like Search Anonymo can become part of your system without clearly notifying you about that. This, however, doesn’t mean that they use the same tricky infection techniques that the viruses do. The browser hijackers do not sneak inside the computer like a nasty Trojan or a Ransomware, but they often use the setup of another attractive program as a way to distribute themselves. This tactic is called program bundling.

 In most of the cases, you may install a browser hijacker on your computer when you run a given program bundle, which contains it. Sources of such bundles are usually torrent sites, freeware or shareware platforms, open source sites, free downloads from the web, some automatic installation managers or email attachments and spam. The best way to prevent the installation of some potentially unwanted application, which may come in addition to some software you desire, is to use the “Advanced/Custom” installation options of the installer and disable it before you complete the setup process.

Obviously, if you ended up with Search Anonymo, you have not made use of these options when it was needed and now, if you want to remove the browsing disturbance, you will have to follow the steps in the guide below and uninstall the program.

Tips for prevention and protection

Despite that fact that PUPs like Search Anonymo are generally not considered as harmful computer threats, many people prefer not to meet them often. The browsing-related disturbance and irritation they may cause is usually enough for the users to wish to uninstall them and never face them again. To keep the browser hijackers far from your system is not that difficult if you always pay attention to the software bundles you install and customize them as we explained above. A good antimalware and antivirus program could also help you detect some potentially unwanted programs and apart from that, it can also provide protection from much more serious threats. Staying away from sketchy sites, ads, non-trusted software developers, and shady content sources can also be a life-saver for your system because you never know what they may contain.


Name Search Anonymo
Type PUP
Detection Tool

Search Anonymo Removal

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