SlimCleaner Plus “Virus” Uninstall

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This page aims to help you uninstall SlimCleaner Plus “Virus”. Our uninstall instructions work for every version of Windows.

Several of our regular users have been complaining about a program they have come across on their computers called SlimCleaner Plus, often believing it is a computer virus. It is not in fact, but we will get to that in a bit. We have received questions regarding the nature of this program and, of course, since this is after all our specialty, about its uninstall. Below we will provide those of you, who also wish to have this program uninstalled from their computers with a detailed removal guide. The steps in it are fairly simple to comprehend and follow and should have your computer free of the unwanted software in no time. And, naturally, you are also free to make use of our professional removal tool, which will make sure that there are no traces of SlimCleaner Plus left in your system. However, before you head over to the instructions, we recommend you stick around for the following few paragraphs to gain a better idea of what SlimCleaner Plus is all about and what you may have done to end up with it in the first place.

What is SlimCleaner Plus?

Of course, your first instinct when encountering an unfamiliar program on your computer would be to assume the worst – that you have been infected by some virus. In the case with SlimCleaner Plus that assumption would be farfetched, however. So, that’s the good news. The bad news, though, is that this type of software is generally seen as invasive and some experts even classify it as potentially unwanted. This particular piece of programmers is marketed by its developers as a PC optimization tool, and there are tons of these tools available on the internet. There is, in fact, even an official website, where you can download this program from. On the website, the manufacturer vows that this tool will extend your device’s battery life and increase its speed. And it aims to do this by cleaning junk files from your computer, updating its software, optimizing the system startup, etc. Furthermore, the website offers 24/7 support and it all looks pretty legit at first. However you should continue reading.

However, as it often tends to be the case with similar software, SlimCleaner Plus comes with a handful of side effects that lead users to want to remove it from their computers. For one, the beneficial functions it boasts are of questionable value. In fact, many experts outright dub them completely useless. What’s more, this program automatically starts when your PC does, as part of its settings. And in addition to that it runs constantly in the background. As a result of this, your PC’s performance may actually be hindered, depending on its processing power, amount of files stored on it, etc. So, in essence, you will end up with the exact opposite results that you may have wanted, if you installed SlimCleaner Plus willingly.

However, what about those users that never intended to install the program in question? How did they end up with the unwanted software? Well, you could have downloaded and installed the software by accident alongside some other program. It’s not uncommon for developers to bundle different programs together and distribute them as a package. Typically, this happens with various shareware, freeware or other software that’s available for free download. If you rush the installation process, you might not notice that there were actually added programs included in the setup, such as for example SlimCleaner Plus. So, when agreeing to the terms and conditions and completing the installation process, you actually automatically may have installed whatever added software onto your computer alongside the main program.

And, as a matter of fact, this could have easily been prevented. In the majority of instances, users don’t read the EULA and opt for the simpler default or quick installation option in the installation manager. This is a common mistake that should be avoided. Instead, opt for the more detailed custom or advanced installation settings. That way you will have more control over the setup and will be able to determine which of the added content will actually be allowed into your system and which of it will be left out. Normally, there will be a list with check boxes beside each added component. To stop anything unfamiliar or unwanted from being installed, simply untick the corresponding box or boxes and proceed with the subsequent steps to complete the process.


Name SlimCleaner Plus
Type PUP
Detection Tool

SlimCleaner Plus “Virus” Uninstall

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You can find the removal guide here.


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