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This page aims to help you remove DriverUpdate. Our removal instructions work for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as every version of Windows.

Recently, there have been reports about a software program named DriverUpdate where it is claimed that this piece of software possesses certain rather sketchy and undesirable features. DriverUpdate is developed by Slimware Utilities – a software company known for other apps such as Slimcleaner and SlimCleaner Plus, which are also programs that can be regarded as potentially unwanted. However, in this particular article, our main focus will be placed on the DriverUpdate tool and its main characteristics which make it undesirable. If you have this tool on your computer, our advise for you is to uninstall it using the guide from this page or the recommended professional removal program that has been posted below. DriverUpdate is a PUP (potentially unwanted program) and although it doesn’t normally threaten your machine in the same way that a Trojan Horse infection or a Ransomware cryptovirus could, it might still be a security hazard due to its potential for generation of intrusive and unreliable ads (more on that, later).

Some general information on DriverUpdate

According to the developers of this program, it’s main function is to automatically detect outdated drivers on your PC and update them for you as doing that would supposedly optimize your computer. All of this might sound very appealing and helpful but you should know that an update of your drivers is rather unlikely to actually affect the way your machine performs. Furthermore, driver updates are rarely necessary. The developers behind your machine would only release a new driver if there’s something that needs to be fixed (such as a given bug). If everything in your system functions just fine with no issues related to your hardware, there’s probably no need for any driver updates. This, in and of itself, makes the whole premise of installing DriverUpdate on your PC rather pointless. However, this isn’t where the reasons why this app might be unwanted end.

Another thing to be mentioned about DriverUpdate (and about several other products by Slimware Utilities for that matter) is that oftentimes, this app might actually notify you about available updates that need to be immediately installed on your system in order to fix a certain serious issue (even if you see no issues with your PC whatsoever). Of course, this is a trick (or should we say a scam) used to lure users into installing more unnecessary software on their computer. This is, in fact, one of the main reasons why DriverUpdate is typically seen as undesirable. This program might indeed trick you into thinking that your computer needs an emergency update for it to be able to operate normally. Naturally, more gullible users would immediately fall for that and install whatever piece of unnecessary and maybe even potentially unwanted software DriverUpdate presents them with.

Also, the ads…

A typical trait of pretty much every type of unwanted software is the presence of an ads-generation feature. This also to DriverUpdate – this app too is likely going to try to spam you with different banners, pop-ups, nagging box messages and other similar types of advertising materials in order to promote other similar products and to earn extra revenue for its creators. Naturally, the ads would not cease to show up on your screen until the pesky app isn’t removed from the computer. As you can see, the guide on this page can help you with that – just follow the instructions or make use of the suggested removal program and uninstall the nagging software so that it doesn’t flood your screen with different obnoxious and unnecessary advertisements. Note that some of its ads might actually be quite aggressive and also quite misleading. Oftentimes an advert displayed by DriverUpdate might actually look like a warning notification or a download request that might even claim your PC is in danger and that you need to install a given software tool in order to remove the supposed threat (which is almost certainly non-existent). Again, there are a lot of users who would fall for that. Furthermore, if you interact with such a request and try to download the software in question, you might find out that it is actually a paid product and you might get tricked into buying something you don’t really need as it would be supposed to resolve an issue in your PC that your machine doesn’t really have.

All in all, removing such apps and avoiding them afterwards is important in order to keep your machine clean and safe. It’s best if you only download stuff from reliable software sources and that you always check the Advanced setup menus when trying to install a new program due to the fact that most PUPs could get distributed by being bundled to other software programs. Also, remember to keep away from any form of spam and from any type of obscure and suspicious websites that might compromise the safety of your PC.


Name DriverUpdate
Type  Adware/Browser Hijacker
Detection Tool

DriverUpdate Removal

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You can find the removal guide here.


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